June 30, 2010

My insomnia kills.

Oh God, this is getting frustrating! I'm wide awake when I'm supposedly be sleeping right now. Any idea how to fix my body clock? I tried going to bed early, tried to make myself feel so knackered up in hope to finally feel tired enough to sleep but to no avail. *tarik rambut*


Anyways, since not sleeping makes me hungry, I think I'll list down my food cravings:
  • Happy Jack's Lamb burger
  • Nachos with guacamole, cheeeeese, jalapeno and sour cream. Macam ni pun ok:
(via prettygirlfood)
  • Fries with cheddar sauce
  • Carl's Junior Chilli fries
  • Margarita Pizza
  • Salmon sashimi
  • Okonamiyaki
Yes, I think food most of the time which explains why I'm not your average pretty skinny looking girl.


I now own *unofficially* a competent license! (Gonna go to JPJ @ 7.30 AM - of which explains why I'm in dire need of sleep!! D:). I feel so awesome, let's hope nothing goes wrong with my P. Hm. Andddd, it's our monniversary, i lost count how many months but yeah. Hihi, which is why, I miss hanging out with my suuuperawsm guy.


June 28, 2010

Haven't met these people in a while. One fun sunny evening :)

T'was my first urbanscapexprience, so I couldn't compare it with the previous years. Went there solely for the performances just coz I miss dancing around and got all intimate with the music and the crowd. Saw few strangers that I thought I'd never crossed paths, some familiar faces that I'm quite sure need no hellos from me, and old friends. And yes, I think it was quite awesome how me and my fav girl accidentally wore the same scarfs.. and funny, too. Something to remember I guess :). The day ends with a few hours long lepak session at Kokopelli with people I don't really know. Yep.

P/S: Najwa is one sick woman. I love your slot the most!

June 26, 2010

Oh. my. God. Twitter?! Seriously?! limited logins?! WHAT.


Perfect timing lah kan nak emo time ni but only got twitter to whine and complaints.
*bitch fits*


I love my boyfriend. I don't know why, but he gets me today. So awesome. So suck on that Twitter! *UGH*


You don't know where I've been.


I'm ready to hear you say, who I am, is quite enough.

Breaking down in public is not cool dude. Not cool.
But I needed a good cry.

June 25, 2010

June 22, 2010


Things have come to a stagnant mode lately, like they won't budge, they sit there and rot slowly in vain. I feel like I'm rotting -- and I need someone to talk things with, and now is the perfect fucked up time to realize - I ain't got someone to talk to.

Not even my other half, or my best friends for life.

It's like I'm running out of special people that have special talent (which is to get me in whatever I am, like now), I have no one to look up to, no one I could.. y'know, chill and let go stuff with. This stuff, which I myself not sure what, is freakishly annoying, it's bugging my every corner.

I need a conversation with a stranger. This particular stranger I am head over heel in love with (not romantically though, but it feels like we view the world the same, albeit, this person is hundred and one times smarter than me in every possible way), though this stranger might not know me, and truth to be told, this shit I'm writing here is effin creepy - even for me.

Y'know, feels like hanging around with new set of people, new mindsets, new views.

June 20, 2010


For the weird years we had, for broken relationship we had, for fixing things up, for watching world cup alone without your kids that know nothing about football, for cleaning up our mess (sometimes), for trusting me... Happy Father's Day, bah! :)

p/s: doubt if you will ever read this, but if you ever encounter this, you hold a special place in our hearts. Throughout the years we're learning your hardships toward everything. We love you.

June 19, 2010

"Reach for the sky"

Toy Story 3 nailed it. The storyline is just perfect, I feel like *I* finally got my childhood closure - the toys were there when my mom was with me, it feels like I'm relieving my childhood and giving it a great ending that it deserves. :') Maybe I'm just being a dork but I love Disney Pixar movies, they move you. Every single one of them.


I'm useless with review, but imho, there are no cliches/try hard scenes to bring back the toys to their glory days, the toys are The toys, y'know? It's like I'm meeting my old friends for one last time. Aah~ :') I love this movie so much. Watch it in 3D and try to get the farthest seats you can get and just enjoy every second of it. Every scene is worth it, every laughter and every tear you shed is effin' worth it. I feel grateful that technologies are evolving and giving people new cinema experience and makes this movie is worth the wait, worth your every penny.

June 18, 2010

All under 140.

Twitter been displaying fail whale the whole week, which made me realize, I whine a lot.
Toy Story 3 in 3-fuckin-D tomorrow, hell yes after 11 years!!
I miss my shiny white macbook.
I guess it's true, once you go mac you can't turn back.
My other half is down with flu. Again. :-/
I'm effin hungry as we speak.
Thus, craving lotsa food. Not good, not good.
:D Should sleep now.

June 15, 2010

the-not-so-secret, secret.

  • I am socially awkward upfront, many many friends told me this (with their body language, their expressions): "You're just no fun IRL"
  • The older I get, the pickier I get about who got to stay and who should leave me alone
  • I am a dreamer, 24/7, never get tired of it, and never will
  • I am an observer. I recognize faces. I remember names. Even if we never talk to each other. I just discover this today, well who knew?
  • Internet is like, my shield. My shrine. My comfort zone, my bubble and all that shizz.
  • My thoughts actually stutter when I see new people.
  • There's just SO much I want to say, but no words for it. Hm.

The secret?
I feel like I have eight tentacles, crooked teeth, weird skin tones, warts on inappropriate (visible) places - super, duper, awkward.

June 14, 2010

Another one under 'Journal'

Setiap satu sel dalam badan aku, *aku* lah, bukan kamu, adalah sel-sel dreamer, yang selalu inginkan apa yang ada disana dan bukan apa yang sudah tersedia, what-ifs memang selalu cloud my judgments.

Not to say I don't count my blessings, just that, well grass is always greener on the other side, right?

Bila berada dalam keadaan gelap macam ni *literally, because one of my brother is down with a fever and the light is off just to make sure he's comfortable enough to rest*, moment macam ni memang priceless.

For a few while, I feel like everything is changing - my brothers are growing up and who am I kidding, anyways? I would soon be just a sister to them at some point of their life like it or not. I won't be able to be as close as I like to be with them because they are turning into an individual now.

Ok, dah sidetracked jauh sangat ni. Aku, mahu berada di Boston. I don't know why I always adore that city. I have never traveled outside Malaysia before, and I would love to someday. Aku tak tahu specifically what I wanted to say, but ini memang berada on top of my head now.

Aku memang akan unintentionally mothers my brothers when they're sick, or just confused. It's my nature I guess having to grow up without a mom. So you could say there's a slight annoyance and worries that they're growing up too soon, whether or not they'll be good and what have yous as what normal mother would feel. Aku rasa lah. Rasa je sebab aku tak tahu.

June 13, 2010

One liners.

Je me sens très appréciée aujourd'hui à un moment très longtemps.
Le mec était super gentil avec moi, et moi pour une fois, se sent comme si nous étions sur la bonne voie après ce qui s'était passé il ya quelques lunes.

Mon pouce est douloureux à cause de ma bêtise, mais il apporte un bon côté que je ne savais pas se cachait.
J'ai envie de chanter et regarder rom-com pour une raison quelconque *rires*

Et que ça me fait un retard temporaire parce que je ne peux pas utiliser mon pouce droit :-/.

Juste envie d'écrire cela en français :-)

June 11, 2010

Stumbl #2: Charlie McDonnell

Been awhile since my last stumbl post ain't it?
I got to know about Charlie McDonnell (or also known on YT as charlieissocoollike) from Maggie Starr, and I'm hooked ever since. As you can see, I even link him as one of my favourites on the right side of the linkities section.

He's a 19 y/o Brit' lad with painfully honest and innocent humor to boot (... and posses an accent to die for, -- I'm a girl afterall. heh :-)). Previously known as Tuesday from the fiveawesomeguys channel (--which he records all his videos on Tuesday, so that clears it).

What makes him qualified for this stumbl post? Well, Charlie - aside from being an eyecandy that he is (ahem yes), he:
  • Selects random challenges from his viewers and shows it on his own 'Challenge Charlie' series. Challenges that I've seen him done so far:
  • Dying his hair red.
  • Juggling
  • Wear all of his clothes at the same time (hats, and socks included)
  • Eat baby food
  • Eat fish fingers with custard sauce (yes, he is a big fan of Doctor Who)
  • Answer 148 questions under 4 minutes
  • Does cool projects like shaving his head to raise money for cancer, ChartJackers, Chameleon Circuit (music that based entirely on Doctor Who) and Can you find Charlie?

"I've Got Nothing" - ChartJacker
  • Write songs like Acne Song. Seriously guise, acne.
  • Posts random videos. Wait, let me rephrase that, he posts random funny videos.
... and he raps too.


June 10, 2010

Agak susahlah kalau nak harap setiap masa diberi perhatian, macam nak cakap "Bitch please, the world doesn't revolve around you" banyak-banyak kali.

Clearly, someone feels left out.


I am a gleek, truest to the bone, I am. The finale last night was a tear jerker, I'm going to miss my fictional friends so much and that I am back on the reality side, I am sad.

Shows so much how cool my life is, ain't it?

June 6, 2010


A friend of mind is getting married next week (!!) which made me and my friend, Maggie Starr, decided to shop around for her wedding gift. We agreed on SJ (which to kill two birds with one stone - since my fav. girl asked me to come & say hello). Got my hands on the top that I've been eyeing and something extra :-)

After having a look see and finally settled on a set of our own mix-n-match-wedding-gift. We decided to... shop around a little more. Let me make this clear: I am a gadget type of girl, i don't fancy spending cash on clothes - so I kinda surprised myself with the stuff I bought. Lol, feels like I'm finally... a girl.

Now, I'm *this close* to insolvency. I need moolah so I can buy them gadgets I have my eyes on. Damn. Need to work lah macam ni!

June 4, 2010


Avec tous les événements dans le monde en ce moment, je sens que je suis coupable d'avoir des pensées heureuses. Pour être franc, je suis inquiet.

Les gens ne devraient pas être tous les gourmands et veulent que les choses pour eux-mêmes. tout Parfois, les choses partage vaille la peine d'avoir. Mes pensées sont avec vous mes frères et soeurs là-bas. Soyez forts, Allah le sait mieux. InshaAllah.