June 15, 2010

the-not-so-secret, secret.

  • I am socially awkward upfront, many many friends told me this (with their body language, their expressions): "You're just no fun IRL"
  • The older I get, the pickier I get about who got to stay and who should leave me alone
  • I am a dreamer, 24/7, never get tired of it, and never will
  • I am an observer. I recognize faces. I remember names. Even if we never talk to each other. I just discover this today, well who knew?
  • Internet is like, my shield. My shrine. My comfort zone, my bubble and all that shizz.
  • My thoughts actually stutter when I see new people.
  • There's just SO much I want to say, but no words for it. Hm.

The secret?
I feel like I have eight tentacles, crooked teeth, weird skin tones, warts on inappropriate (visible) places - super, duper, awkward.

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