May 31, 2012

//82: Classifieds

Good morning it is now 6:00 am on a Thursday morning.
Been the happiest these couple of days because Billam (William Beckett of The Academy Is...) is playing a show this June! Do you have any idea how HUGE that news is? No? Ok, let me enlighten you with how crazy I was for them (The Academy Is...) dated waaaaaay back in 2005.
Circa 2005 I went crazy finding new songs/bands, through p2p mostly but if I recall correctly, I was introduced to TAI from a friend, he suggested that I should take a listen to Attention, Attention and I was hooked ever since.
I remembered logging into countless theacademyis forums, trying to find their fans from Malaysia (and actually met one IRL (at some random gig)! Woop), my myspace statuses were all about their lyrics "Hold your head high heavy hearts" being the most favorite. I got flippin' excited when Santi was finally out because Almost Here was that good to make me want to listen more of their stuff.  I remembered voting in to ask them to come play in Malaysia (but they went to Singapore instead boo) (and this was actually the time where Malaysia was just a tiny dot on the map. I'm not even kidding, no internationals, very few gigs), oh and did I mention I went hysteric upon finding out some random college kid used Almost Here cover design for a poster for this one college program, I remembered how hard I asked around just to find out who was responsible for that and when I found out who (a guy), I developed a tiny crush on him just because of that poster design. Heh heh heh. crazy fangirl is crazy.
But then, Fast Time... was meh, so I stopped listening to them for a few years... and then sometime last year, TAI disbanded and I was devastated. Ive read on how they decided to do so and it was heartbreaking, to say the least. Having Billiam, suddenly making a decision to tour here is BIG. BIG BIG BIG!
Yes, TAI might not be your typical 'legendary' bands per se, but they were my post-school music man. My 18y/o would die of excitements if she knew this could even happen! *musicdorkmusicdorkmusicdork*
Aaaaaaaaaaaak I CANNOT WAIT!!!

May 27, 2012


"It is not wrong to have the best that you can have"

Nothing wrong with that at all. Stay positive, staaay positiveeeee *kabush*

May 22, 2012


Kehadapan awak yang dikasihi,
Berhenti berharap dan mula mencari.



Kehadapan kerja yang saya jangka datang bulan enam,
Berhenti sembunyi dan mula tunjukkan diri.

Cinta & sayang,

May 21, 2012


You know what's funny, tres weird and awkward?
Being at the same spot with people you (used) to know (or stalked) through myspace, livejournal, vox blahblahblah and not being able to really hang around with them because:
a) you were a socially awkward penguin
b) you didn't dress cool enough to be in the crowd
c) you were not sure whether they remember you as much.
So yeah.

I was sticking out like a sore thumb, sitting at the edge looking forever alone (together) with my bro and enjoying the ambiance. Not sure if I like being in that situation or that I even want to be in that kind of situation ever again.
Drove my way to KL today, was lost as mofo but found my way to Lake Gardens just in time to catch the girls sing and dance and host a hi tea picnic potluck party.

I think I'm meant for live music and only live music. Not chill out sesh whatsoever.
There's always the first time for everything, and also, the last.

May 20, 2012


If you ever wondered how is it like meeting me in person, this video probably sums it up.

May 14, 2012


Bekalan rindu. Nanti rinduuuuuuu semuanya.
Thank you guys, korang memang terpaling best. Hihi.

Sayaaaang semuanya.

P/S: Helen, Su & Meow, even you girls takde today tapi tetap dalam ingatan okay! :)

May 9, 2012


Can't believe I made it.
Can't believe I put on (back) the 9kgs I lost. (SOBS)
Can't believe I'm not gonna be a student for a while. After that whole 7 years shenanigans of getting a Degree.

One step closer to the end of it.
Paper semua dah habis.
Tinggal nak cakap good bye je.

Sedih :(

May 1, 2012


Dulu aku ada dinding,
Tinggi melangit,
Lebih keras dari konkrit.

Satu hari, dinding aku berlubang,
sikit sikit aku biar,
jadi ia runtuh.

Aku jadi gelisah.

Aku bina balik sikit sikit,
Lebih keras dari yang dulu,
Lebih tahan lasak dari yang dulu,

Satu hari aku leka,
Sikit sikit dinding aku terbiar,
Rosak juga rasanya.

Satu hari aku sedar,
Yang aku perlu teruskan bina dinding yang itu,
Makin lama aku leka,
Makin lama aku biar,
Aku jadi tak siuman,
Aku jadi sakit tak tentu hala.

Mulai hari ni,
misi aku untuk siapkan projek dinding yang terbengkalai,
Biar kali ini,
Cuma yang mampu runtuhkan,
Dan hilangkan,

Hanya yang mampu.

Jangan tanya kalau aku sibuk membina,
Tak hiraukan apa,
Tak kira siapa,
Tak tentu masa,
Terlalu banyak sebabnya.
Final study week,