January 27, 2011


I figured no one's reading my blog anymore teeheehee, sorry for lack of updates, life is just too good to put down and do something else.
Anyhoots, I'm blogging from my office just because I havent received any isnstructions for my next assignments (they're coming like water - which is okay since I need to keep myself busy and productive eceh).

Things that make me looking forward for the first half of 2011. My Mars and Buble are coming. How. awesome. is. that. So awesome that whenever I hear their songs I instantly imagine being in their concert belting out my sultry voice (wakaka ok lame) x3, I is cannot waits.

So... SO many things have happened, whats new lah kan me and my dramatic life, peh. Kinda tiring, but life must go on blahblahblah, you know what? I'm living in the moment. Byebye pasts and see you in the very far future... future. Here's a big BWEK for making me feel like living a hell.

Yesterday (or was it the day before that? Nevermind.), I took a stroll down to Bkt Jalil LRT station just because I think I'm in dire need of simple exercises, and my purse was/is literally begging me to stop spending so much on the unnessecities. So yeah, I walked. I thought I'd be tired like a hobo, but hell naw, I got so much energy now (Coz I'm taking some supplements helljyeah!) and it felt good. I walked for a good 20 minutes without looking like a dog who's in need of cool weather. MmmHmm. So, good news there. And Bkt Jalil's view in the evening was ahmuhzing. *cues Just the Way You Are* :-), by the time I got there it's almost hmm senja? So yeah, the sky was orangy and it was breezy, ah it felt nice. I felt nice.

And I walked again today. Morning pulak this time around. Ok, I dont know why I sound so Aunty Optimistic Mary here, but I am. Have a good week everyone!

P/S: Pssst... How's everything? Comment!

January 20, 2011


I usually tweet things like this, but not this time. Random messages are fun. Reason numero uno why I am still madcrazy head over heels with that someone is that, he makes me smile. No matter how silly things are, he just can magically appear with silly words that can make me smile inside out. I feel all warm fuzzies, pterodactyls in my stomach no kidding. Thank you for just existing, you say the funniest things when I really need it :-)

Things are looking up. Who says keeping your faith is absurd? I got my letters and messages replied. I'm loving this whatever I'm living right now. Live for the moment? Yes.

I wish you can see me being so in love with you. Coz I just am, and I'm glad I haven't lost you. :)

January 9, 2011


At the end of the day, what matters most is how much love you give out. Life might not be all fun and dandy all the time, but having all the love you can get sometimes can just be just what you need to keep telling yourself "Things will get ok, maybe not that soon, but it will get ok".

2011 starts off shaky, definitely something that I would not want to go through again. I'm working on fixing all the things that are within my control, and leave everything that is not in Allah's hands, inshaAllah. My heart hurts, my head hurts even more. I guess thats how things are when you gets older. You face more things. You need to accept more things that they are not within your control, there's nothing you can do but to tawakkal.

Work is fine, lovelife is a bit ehhh, but everything is fine at least now. Have the very best of 2011, everyone!

January 3, 2011

Mesti ada sebab kenapa Allah jauhkan aku dari sumber kekuatan aku. Mesti ada sebab.
Sebab yang aku tak nampak tapi aku kena percaya.
Aku tak kuat macam ni. Aku harap Dia jaga aku elok-elok, bagi tunjuk kat aku apa yang patutnya jadi.

Minta maaf sebab dah lama tak update blog. Banyak sangat benda jadi lately sampai aku macam dah... entahlah. Aku seriously tak tahu apa yang aku rasa sekarang, tapi yang pasti... kosong. Lagi teruk dari dulu. Hm, aku tak tahu sampai bila aku boleh macam ni, aku harap aku boleh macam ni a little longer, sampai aku nampak apa sepatutnya aku buat.

InshaAllah. Korang doakan aku please. Ni antara hidup dan mati aku, dalam dan luar. Dalam dah slowly mati.