April 30, 2012


"Stay where you are now"
Oh my god Mr.crush said Hi, and we talked a bit and I didn't get all awkward and shit (yay me!). He smileeeeeed. (he remembers me, he totally flippin remembers me!) Damn boi you foine foine creature you.
Here's a nice song to accompany this post and to make everything seems a little more dramatic than it really is. Heehee.  Cannot wait for the album, cepatlah Yuna release it hereeee!

p/s: anon (yes you), kinda need to ask you something - a random question, but I want to ask in private. Could you drop your email or something?

April 26, 2012


Terang nya background seterang future saya! Eh.
Haha, I'm now unofficially a graduate! Mixed up feelings terlampau banyak. My bonkers system was perceived as "working". Alhamdulillah! Tadi macam rasa nak tegur everyone yang I nampak hihihi because I was so happy and so relieved!
Tapi sedihnya nak tinggal Jungle yang terlalu seronok ni. Hm.

April 23, 2012


What I want (to happen/right now)
To have more than a minute, a small talk with you because I think you were cute the other day you stumbled in front of me nervously and that smile and exchanged glances are not enough (I hope I'm not exaggerating things, because I suck at crushing on people, especially people like you). Hope to see you by the end of the week. A hello at least?
For my work to magically dissipates into thin air. Pronto!
That fine bowl of penne pesto at Baci cafe. And a good company.
To not cry when we finally have to part (I know I know this is only a "see you again" moment, but having a weekend without you guys suck big time, BIG TIME :( I don't know how will I manage after the final week.)
To fly kites. With Iki. I cannot wait to pick you up tomorrow, bro.
To this week to be finally over so I can enjoy my late night lepak sesh with them sweet kids. Like we used to. Gah I miss!
To not make a fool of myself for liking this particular guy because I already think I am one. For even have the time to crush on... people. In general.

April 21, 2012


How do you ever prepare yourself for a good bye?
I can't.

I'm not good with goodbyes and to think that everything will end in a few weeks; it kills me. I underestimated how much you guys mean to me.

I'd have to relearn to be on my own again, to be invisible again.

God. :(

April 16, 2012


Found this on twitter. Overwhelmed with so much feelings right now. Hm.

April 14, 2012


I miss singing terribly.
And I miss, *something* too.

April 11, 2012


"Did you feel the tremor?" Clicked Send.
I don't know but my brain was doing this selective thoughts, who to ask that question, who should I be sure of their safety. It's a rare thing, I haven't been texting people that much unless it is tres important, such as asking people out for lunch because I am in dire need of food.

I wonder though, during that few seconds me and my bolster mildly shaken by it, how many families, persons, cats, dogs, houses were affected badly... and how many babies were delivered exactly at that moment. I felt like hugging my knees and rock my body back and forth screaming silently "Mommy, I need you".

And to be honest, I was still shaken by the fact that I felt it. I think there is more to it than just the tremor. It serves as a reminder. It serves as a message, too.
My fyp is still a lot. Submission (originally on Friday) would be tomorrow. And prototype demo a day after. And I got into SEDEX! Which I prayed hard so I won't get in, because I know I can't complete my system on time. But to get in? Alhamdulillah. Proves that my unfinished system worth something.

I hope I can do this. Sikit lagi nak grad, c'mon dalila!

April 10, 2012

// 67

The adorablest.


Hai hari esok,
please please please be better than today. PLEASE. I need you to be.

I need me a clear mind, clarity and the motivation to finish up my final semester, successfully.

April 9, 2012


Dear future husband,
In hope to finally meet you I'm making a list of "people-I-should-talk-to", and make it a priority to cross out as many people as possible. This list contains people whom I think highly of, who are visionary, ambitious, admirable, and interesting. Which I'm certain you would be on the list, sooner or later.

So that when it's time to finally meet you, I won't fumble, trip and choke on my words, just to say "Salam Alayk"

I've crossed out a few.


April 7, 2012


If we ever bumped in into each other, cuma ada dua sebab kenapa saya tak tegur awak:

1) saya tak kenal awak/tak berapa selesa
2) saya suka awak dalam diam jadi saya nervous sampai taktau nak kata apa. Speechless.

Happens thrice these past few weeks. Why am I such a sissy? All I can do is stare at how much perfection God has put on you(s). Gah.
Tak, saya tak sombong. Betul. Dah dua kali saya lambai & senyum dekat awak untuk nampak friendly, dan sekali saya tahan nervous dengan makan cokelat supaya saya nampak macho dan tak nervous. Padahal, awak je kot. Awak je kot.
Tak. Saya cuma nak berkawan je dengan awak (-awak sekalian) sebab saya rasa korang interesting gila. That's why I have such a huge crush on both of you. More towards adoration lah. Heh.
Me and my social awkwardness. I don't know when will I learn.