April 11, 2012


"Did you feel the tremor?" Clicked Send.
I don't know but my brain was doing this selective thoughts, who to ask that question, who should I be sure of their safety. It's a rare thing, I haven't been texting people that much unless it is tres important, such as asking people out for lunch because I am in dire need of food.

I wonder though, during that few seconds me and my bolster mildly shaken by it, how many families, persons, cats, dogs, houses were affected badly... and how many babies were delivered exactly at that moment. I felt like hugging my knees and rock my body back and forth screaming silently "Mommy, I need you".

And to be honest, I was still shaken by the fact that I felt it. I think there is more to it than just the tremor. It serves as a reminder. It serves as a message, too.
My fyp is still a lot. Submission (originally on Friday) would be tomorrow. And prototype demo a day after. And I got into SEDEX! Which I prayed hard so I won't get in, because I know I can't complete my system on time. But to get in? Alhamdulillah. Proves that my unfinished system worth something.

I hope I can do this. Sikit lagi nak grad, c'mon dalila!

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