August 23, 2012


-- I am usually very self-conscious about my originals because I'd be all blasgahgdfgsfdja about it and omg this is very personal stuff I guess? But i need feedback and it's still a work in progress and the words are all jumbled up and i think i need to stop talking now and just shhhh. Kbye.

//93: And then, there's William.


First the insta tease, then the ryan ross news and now Warriors premiere, ALL IN ONE DAY? I DON'T KNOW HOW TO HANDLE MY FEELS. Thank you Bill, you're a life ruiner.

August 21, 2012

//92: Let me feed you my optimism.

I think I have a knack at all things pretty i.e a good decor because I love decorating spaces so much, I mean if money is not an object I would spend it right to last dough just to make a space feel me, and I mean not the messy me (which people who come to know me personally would comment how messy my room look sometimes) but the cosy ones because my mess makes up the cosyness i mean if you look closely there's mess in cosy ha well not really but I wish there is. My house, if inshaAllah this year goes by smoothly, would have all things rusty and vintage but with a tinge of modern to it because that's just how i like my space, i would have loads of frames in neat colors such as birch black or white because I like that kind of colors and my walls would be in either chalkboard black or deep purple or just plain beige or better yet all white and I will hang all those quirky paintings me and my bros and my friends did over the years and maybe finally have that paint party which I ask people to come with their crazy ideas and just paint me a canvas so that my house would resemble a gallery because what is cooler than living in a gallery? NOTHING.


And then there's part of me that's always wanted to learn foreign language which duh being the me in reality I always stop halfway and somewhat regretting it because you know I was kinda pro at having basic knowledge in writing Tamil and Mandarin (yes I can, I used to, I mean yes I am that cool or was I don't know, in the spirit of 1Malaysia? I am too cool for that shit tbh), and I learned French a couple of years ago only to fluently pronounce Bounjour (with the nasal N) and Je suis Dalila (which is obviously means my name is Dalila), oh and when people Bounjour you you should be nice and say Tres Bien, because that's what you are, you're very fine. Hah.


Career wise I would be stopping I mean retiring as early as at the age of 35-37 and run my own restaurant because I always wanted one, maybe a cafe concept? I mean me and a friend we talked about having his paintings up my cafe walls and me and my brothers have talked bout what food concept should we have and who should run the accountings and all (that should be me because I took up business (somewhat)) and Iki would invent the recipes, eh wait, I think Sy would have a better chance at it because should you ever come to my humble abode, I'd treat you with Sy's finest fried chicken because he treats the chickens like a lady and they are so good I mean I don't know what makes it so good but they are you should try.


I want to travel but don't know how far which I know I need loads of moolah. Y'know I have this plan (been getting to this plan for awhile now) to hunt my favorite bands + travelling at the same time I mean that's the only reason why I applied to Boston U years ago so that I can catch my fav bands live. THE ONLY REASON which is pointless I know but I love live music and I know its not healthy to attach your world to it but it makes me happy for now (and broke - but thats not the point! I'm trying to be optimistic here duh)


I always wanted to fully cover myself though like if I could wear jilbab I would, seriously I would, slowly inshaAllah. Sometimes I got so tired at being angry at myself because I can never commit but sikit sikit, istiqamah Allah lagi suka kan? Yes, I need to keep my optimism.


I want to be pretty, like the conventional pretty. Because. I don't know? I mean having people telling me how different I look from the past years (in a good way) makes me feel good though and i feel like I fit in. In normalcy. Yes.


I know I'd be good at at least one instrument because I rock.


Selamat Hari Raya, if you read all this you are a gem and do not repeat any of this in front of me because I'd be all awkward and shit about it (but will secretly love you if you do so, your pick tho)

August 17, 2012


-- Celebrating Eid in SI this year just because. Went through the usual routes I usually hang around during my student years and I had this wave of nostalgia came crashing over me. Man, I'm sappy.

So here's one for the road. Don't know when will I do another cover (though, *we* do have plans for Raya ed, like the one we did last year but we'll see.).

August 15, 2012


It has just occurred to me that I haven't been updating my blog! That is SO not me but life has been well, life and every day has its own surprises and I don't feel like telling stuff because of reasons.

I mean i wanted to be deep and shit but I just couldn't care less. Is this a sign of growing up? *Cue Blink 182's song*

Or maybe I'm just lazy. Hah lesgo widdad.

I have to complete this 100-blogposts series though, so I can finally ~look back and be all ~~self-evaluate/soul searchy~~ on stuff. So yeah, this will do for now.

5 days away to Raya are you kidding me?! (My Ramadhan has been so awesome this year. Hope it lasts till the end because I love how things turn out :))

Selamat Hari Raya in advance!