January 31, 2012


-- Daily? Pfft.
Today's my second day of school, (which also marks my first day of class for the last semester, writing that out just made me shat my pants), yesterday was tres awesome because of reasons. Heeheehee. I get that butterflies in your stomach feelings almost twice and they were awesome to say the least.

Nothing much to update, other than this - I'm effing nervous for this semester and I really hope I won't messed it up.
Good things, just stay. Or be better, your pick.

January 28, 2012


Every time you're there
I can't breathe, I can't speak
It's as if my world froze
Not in the nicest way, you damage me
You damage me

There's so many things I'm thankful for,
You're not one of em honey, you're not

Every time we breathe the same air
I feel like you're suffocating me
You stole my share
Not in the nicest way, you damage me
You damage me

They say count your blessings
But you made them all disappear


January 25, 2012

//39: Of impromptu night out and adorable sisters.

A friend invited me for Feedback Open Mic sesh at The Bee, Publika - with the sole purpose of catching the up and rising trio, The Impatient Sisters. A few days ago, the vocalist and I kept contacting each other for the band's tres cool t-shirt (and me, being a giant, can't fit into the shirt I ordered, thus needed a return).
The girls were super friendly. I was greeted first by them (!! fangirl alert), with hugs and smiles. Sighs :'), we even walked into the venue together (ahihihi). Proceeded with the return and managed to get a seat. The open mic gig was nice, the venue is an awesome spot for that... and I particularly enjoy OJ Law's set.

The girls came to the stage around 10ish, played around 6 songs if I'm not mistaken - with And and The Ark (!! favorites), and they invited their special secret guest - Zee Avi for her song, Anchor. It was surreal because this would be the second time I bumped into Zee in some random show. Wihu! Didn't get to say hi though because I lost her after the show and we had to rush back.

What I love most about the sisters is that, they play a lot of cute instruments such as the kazoo, and their trademark I must say - the xylophone. Their voices sound so good, combined together which makes the perfect harmony. Forever You Know, which a song they didn't play last night sounded almost country-ish but with their own twists, The Ark and Hey There Young Sailor will lull you to such a wonderful world of soft, quirky music.
Comets and Stars was refreshing as always. Eisley-ish, but nice. 

I recorded a few, but this one was the most special I guess:

Check all of their (wonderful) stuff, here.
Twitter: www.twitter.com/theimpsis
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theimpatientsisters

January 24, 2012


Malbec - Swimming for Tomorrow.
One of my boyfriends doing his thing. (Y)
Have you guys watched Relationship Status yet? A local flick directed by Khairil M. Bahar which tells about how the relationships made in the 21st century - obviously assimilates the social networks we have now, and at first I thought it would be solely on the relationship status bar on thee facebook but I was wrong.

The lines/scenes that got me were (something along the line lah ek, can't find the exact words)
It's different because, when I cheated on you, only three person know about it. Me, that dude and you. But you promote your infidelity publicly, and I have to find out from other people, and to be the last person to know? It's humiliating.
What's the point? I was getting better, whether you realize it or not, I was getting better!
...and it didn't occur to you that I might eventually see her again, digitally even? (on finding his ex on facebook and she had the nerves to friend requested him? Sigh.)

Not so much of a twist but suffice to say I've been through some of the scenes and it sucks. I cried like a million times over. Sigh.

But it's a good movie to watch, relatable, only available in TGV cinemas, and I think it's a limited release... so hurry!

January 18, 2012


It has been almost a week and I can't still shake off the fact that I had the crappiest spot during FTP. D:
and that I still loop their songs every frikkin day,
that the first thing and the last thing I do would be tuning in into random FTP interviews and countless live performances of them,
and that the only thing I talk about is how the songs relate to me so much (and how Foster write so well),
and how Ruby makes my heart aches,
and how I regret not playing their songs weeks before the concert so that I can get in the zone
and how far in the future that I have to wait for their second show here.

... and when Pontius tweets "Japanation" I feel like .. I don't know, I just feel like telling him how they made my year worthwhile because I end up discovering them anyways because if it wasnt for that random download thing I used to do when I'm bored, I wouldn't get a listen of their album.

This is frikkin unhealthy. I found Foster's facebook and I kinda left him a little message about how amazing they were last Friday.

It has been eons since I last fell in love deep with a band, that all I want to sing is their songs, and find things about them, I don't care how mainstream they've become...I just, am just effing glad that I get the chance to own the record, and find their b-sides.

Foster the People, I love you beyond words.

your latest fan(girl) who had the crappiest spot during your Asia tour (in KL 2012) and will always remember Foster's face bathe in the purple stage light.

p/s: yes, I can be such a dork.

January 14, 2012

//36: "Foster Us, We are the People!"

Wasn't even gonna lie that I was too tired, too frikkin jet lagged to even think about going to shows, but I promised a friend, and I bought the ticket already so wattahack. I know for a fact that Ive sworn by everything that is great that the album was the highlight of my 2011, but but, y'know when you're too busy with stuff your excitement tend to chill down a bit.

Anyhoos! Enough chitchatting about petty stuff. Came there as early as my lazyass could and we chilled for a bit, (if i knew that Foster the People would roam around KLCC, I would come superfrikkin early. :/). And around 7ish we made a move to the convention centre, hall 4. Felt cheated for awhile because we partyzone people shouldn't mix with regular people (ahem), but there werent any barricade that separate us and we were pretty far back, all I can see was the speakers. SPEAKERS MAN! Grrh.

When Natalie and some random dj from Hitz were cheering up the crowd, we kept chanting PARTYZONE! PARTYZONE! PARTYZONE! Which to tell you the truth, t'was frikkin cool. Hihihi felt like I was 16 again :'). So around 830ish (the show supposed to start at 830.), they moved the barricade forward and when the show starts somehow someone somewhere was being a total winner and got us, the Partyzone people moved forward to the Fanatic Zone, which cost waaaay more (and Yuna, Zee were there too), my spot was horrible but the amazing music make up for it. All Foster gotta do was raise his hands and command us to dance and we did. I DID. Gah I miss going to shows like that! Where all there is was the music and me and nothing else matters. Nothing else matters!

Best crowd I've been in, in a very long while.

Warrant was fantastic. Don't Stop! was out of this world. And I hate anything dubstep; but extended Pumped Up Kicks killed it! Love it! Love love love it! Foster was being such a sweetheart by giving this short inspirational speech, such as this:

Though I can't really see them for where I was standing, I took a peek of Foster's famous shoulder dance (eheh!), Fink with his bass and Pontius (Ahmagad why you so hot?) raging on drums.

But the sound system was pretty suckish to be honest. And organizer could so much better if they have actually do their work and such. But thanks for the free Fanatic Zone pass :P!

2012 had just started and I already had the most amazing two sets of weekends so far!

P.S. Waste will always be the sweetest. 

January 12, 2012

//35: Haiku Bosan.

Hari ini lunch
senang hati
sedapnya sambal tempoyak

Hari ini perperiksaan
akhir kertas
akhir subjek akhir.

aku bosan
gila doh.

January 11, 2012

//34: Haiku Perperiksaan Akhir.

Separamati aku
aku jawab
jawab engkau.

January 10, 2012


Told myself that I'm over crying over Decorate, but once you got to the new verse I was wailing inside. Sigh.

Love you babe, always.
Thanks for your music and thank you for existing.
This was another madcrazy thing I did this semester, rushing back to KL amidst my final paper just to see her. Ha so sekarang macam cuak kalau tak dapat nak jawab paper (padan muka sendiri pls), tapi puas hati because I promised her I would be there for her launch, which sadly I can't come to the first one.
Had a great night, plus a super awkward (but awesome) car ride after the show. Whew, I couldn't believe my circle now, surprisingly full with interesting people! So much love.

January 2, 2012


Aku kena buat benda ni and get this settled, mesti.
I need to fix my (very flawed) English.
& I need to learn more. Bukan setakat pergi kelas. 

January 1, 2012