December 30, 2011

//30, Because I hid #29.

Too personal, I shouldn't get too personal with this.
Let me rewrite.
2011 has been nothing but nice to me.
I've been to numerous shows and made new friends.
I stopped going to shows a few years ago and decided to start going again this year (and finally found a solid reason why I should stop going to shows, for good.)
Taking one step at a time. :)
I breathe the same air with:
Michael Buble in March, Bruno Mars in April, Yuna(Inspired) in May - won myself a blackberry and the sixth place. :), Reza Salleh in June, (Urbanscapes in July - fell in love with Khottal, met Najwa (again!), and Diandra), Narmi, Liyana Fizi and favourite girl in September, Zee Avi in November, Wani Ardy in December.
I collect show tickets, because I'm sentimental like that. Maybe I should do a collage of them and put it a frame or something, and (maybe, someday) hang it on my own studio (or some sort).
A week from now I'll be seeing my fav. girl,
Two weeks from now I'll be dancing to my current favourite band.
Then, I'll hit the books. Ferreals.
To everyone who made my 2011 an eventful year, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Alhamdulillah for a great year. :-)

Make me, me.

December 24, 2011

//28: "Allah sayang orang macam awak."

Rasa terharu lagi jumpa kali ini. Sama rasa macam jumpa 3 tahun lepas, masa tengah lost teruk tu. Thank you kak Wani, you are such an inspiration. :')

December 19, 2011

//27: Angkasa.

"To infinityyyyy and beyond!"

December 18, 2011

//26: Tak boleh tidur. Help!

Satu benda yang aku nak sangat buat, saja, suka suka. (tapi tak dapat buat lagi sebab 1) takde gang 2) takut sikit ah)

Beli satu tiket wayang, lepastu hop from one theatre to another. Buat review sekerat sekerat. Tapi taknak buat sorang sorang, tak best.

Hehehehe seronoknya!


December 17, 2011


Kadang-kadang, aku takut nak fikirkan tentang masa depan.
Apa aku nak jadi?
Apa yang aku akan jadi?
Apa yang aku akan dapat?
Apa yang aku akan hilang?
Apakah aku ini, akan masih lagi, jadi aku. Biar ada sisa sisa pun, masih ada si D itu dalam aku?

Apa aku akan hilang semua yang aku ada sekarang dan diganti dengan yang lebih baik?
Atau, apa aku akan ada semua yang aku ada sekarang, tapi takde progression langsung? Tahap tu je?

Apa aku akan berjaya? In what field?
Atau mungkin, aku akan gagal. Again, in what field?

Aku mungkin nampak nonchalant tentang future aku.
Tapi aku takut gila.

What if, aku tak kan tau apa yang aku nak, so I end up filling life with whatever  I can get my hands on.
Sedih gila hidup macamtu.

December 16, 2011


Sejujurnya, rasa macam nak lari laju laju from everything.
I miss a lot of people to be honest, all kinds.
And I wonder if they miss me as much.

I kinda have a strong dislike towards many things now.
Do. not. like. when. I'm. this. negative.

December 12, 2011

//23: Sweet Disposition.

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Fuck you, whore.

Excuse moi french.
If my life is a 120-minutes movie, I'd like to have (500) Days of Summer's soundtrack as my soundtrack.
Most people suggests that this is the movie for you if you want to move on. But is it weird if I told you that, upon watching this movie (3 years ago, alone - in the cinema), I had this flashbacks on someone other than the person I was currently with. I still feel the same way now (yep, I'm still watching and feels like posting something up).

The only difference is that, I don't feel the same way I did three years ago.

But....I'm on the verge of being a Tom, reflecting back on things, on y'know.
I didn't realize how funny this movie was, until now.

And to quote a friend's tweet;
I've been Tom, I've been Summer, where's my Autumn?

//22: Cherry

A decent watch that tells how a straight A student gave it all away, fucked his life up and put it back together again. Like a boss.

Don't make promises, people are shitty with fact, people are just shitty. 
All I have to do is make it for a few years until I'm 18, at that point you'll be an old guy in your'll be this hot artiste in New York surrounded by groupies and bullshitters, but somehow... that won't seem like enough. That's when I'll show up, and you'll know exactly why there's been a hole in your life.
Gah, awesome script.

P/S: Kyle Gallner Kyle Gallner Kyle Gallner Kyle Gallner. If only Aaron Milton exists in real life.

December 10, 2011

//22: Eclipse.

(via silhouettes-s)


Rasa nak pergi Hong Kong, or Macau or or, New Zealand! Nak hasut housemates sekali because travelling alone is no fun, plus, bahaya. But most if it, tak fun. Pleaaaaaaaaase korang? Treat for our graduation? Tengah sale ni!

Ok, pointless, sebab none of them have my blog address. Lulz. Will try to put the image of having a vacation after degree is a great idea every single day, sampai dorang cakap Yes.

December 7, 2011


Dear D,
Brave thing you did there. I don't blame you for what you did, but you need to stop.You are getting there, sikit je lagi. You can do this, YOU KNOW YOU CAN, chin up girl!
Love you loads and loads,


December 6, 2011


My ipod has been playing all these wonderful songs all day long. So much love.

December 1, 2011


That awkward moment when your finance lecturer pronounce "bust" as how B.o.B pronounce it in the song. What's more awkward is that the song automatically plays on my mind right after the said lecturer said it.


My short term worst fear at the moment (doesn't make sense to you, but it does to me, idk) is when either on of my brothers got themselves a girlfriend. I don't know man, that shit makes me feel sad as hell whenever I think about it. Call me selfish but yeap.