December 30, 2011

//30, Because I hid #29.

Too personal, I shouldn't get too personal with this.
Let me rewrite.
2011 has been nothing but nice to me.
I've been to numerous shows and made new friends.
I stopped going to shows a few years ago and decided to start going again this year (and finally found a solid reason why I should stop going to shows, for good.)
Taking one step at a time. :)
I breathe the same air with:
Michael Buble in March, Bruno Mars in April, Yuna(Inspired) in May - won myself a blackberry and the sixth place. :), Reza Salleh in June, (Urbanscapes in July - fell in love with Khottal, met Najwa (again!), and Diandra), Narmi, Liyana Fizi and favourite girl in September, Zee Avi in November, Wani Ardy in December.
I collect show tickets, because I'm sentimental like that. Maybe I should do a collage of them and put it a frame or something, and (maybe, someday) hang it on my own studio (or some sort).
A week from now I'll be seeing my fav. girl,
Two weeks from now I'll be dancing to my current favourite band.
Then, I'll hit the books. Ferreals.
To everyone who made my 2011 an eventful year, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Alhamdulillah for a great year. :-)

Make me, me.

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