June 30, 2011

I went to see Reza Salleh last Monday. For those who knows me long enough, you'd be familiar with my huge crush on him and his lovely songs. I mean how can you not love Reza? He's funny, down-to-earth, and yet very charming with his wits and songs. So anyways, it was held at DFP, KLCC, one of the most prestigious place you could have a concert on in Malaysia (me thinks). He did it. And he did this cover by Bonnie Raitt's I Can't Make You Love Me. I dont know why he loves that song so much, but when he sang it and the way he sang it, man... I feel every aches, every pain - as if I want to make things alright for him (Haha fangirl much?). And because DFP is very strict in their event conducts, I didnt record/snap pics or anything. I found this off the net, that same song, being covered by one of the most talented artist I just discovered - Bon Iver. It just reminded me of Reza's performance that night.


June 13, 2011

This should be the last post, I'm ending it here. Not in the mood for writing (maybe a tiny bit but not like this). I wont talk about you anymore because obviously you don't care about me at all. I hope you are happy with the new girl, I mean it. Thank you for being a part of me all these while. I got my life to attend to and I'm glad that this thing between us is finally over because I cannot see you in it anyways.

I'm breaking, just so you know. But I don't want you anymore, I don't want anything closer to you anymore. That's that.

- Your, used to be, awesome girl.
When all else fails, I seek refuge in music. Has been my way of releasing anger, sadness, portraying my likesandlove and whatnots, always will be. So today, I saw a cover of Best I ever Had, and it was the song of that few early moments I know things would not last. To be honest, I don't know what the hell i'm feeling right now so there. I feel like making my own cover of it, (- though my playing still suck, but whatever yes I nak lepas whatever I'm feeling lulz).

June 9, 2011

I miss:

CHOWDER. I frikkin miss having actual free time to watch Chowder :( and why is it that the new spongebob is no fun? Trippy semacam ugh tak best.
Jungle. The residents yang dah spew all over the country (and the world apparently! :')). Nanti aku balik siapa nak teman makan kat v4 lepak sampai 4 pagi lepastu study for final esoknya bukan dapat jawab pun? Sapa nak argue which one is better - movie or karok. Sapa nak try every new food joints in Ipoh? Sapa nak drive around? Sapa nak tunggu lunch sama sama? Sapa nak teman aku in between classes makan beef patty paprika yang takde la sedap sgt tu? :( Weh, I'll miss you kids seriouslyyyyy. Nanti aku jadi loner balik macam sem 1. Huuuu.
Jamming with bros. Ini seriyes.
Mapley sessions with my homie and sleepovers! Ok kenapa korang semua kena jauh jauh? Ergh. I miss lepaking at mapley and just talk yanno? Asap session too.
Being a kid.

June 5, 2011

June 2, 2011

So, I met a cat today. It got black fur all over except his/her feet (eh okay I didnt bother to look whats his/her gender?). So gebu and comel and I hope we can be bestfriends. Cousins still don't know what to call him/her - Sparky, Bandit, Charlotte and urm Soken (Sockies the second - they have this one cat named sockies so yeah). BUT I WANNA CALL IT PO! PO PO PO sbb black and white hahaha. OK BYE.

Today best sebab lepas penat penat finally dapat buat. Heee and esok cuti so yeah best gila, balik tadi makan pizza aunty belanja. OMG mcm 14 y-old kan macam ni? Whatever okay. Selamat malam :)

This has been a post.