June 2, 2011

So, I met a cat today. It got black fur all over except his/her feet (eh okay I didnt bother to look whats his/her gender?). So gebu and comel and I hope we can be bestfriends. Cousins still don't know what to call him/her - Sparky, Bandit, Charlotte and urm Soken (Sockies the second - they have this one cat named sockies so yeah). BUT I WANNA CALL IT PO! PO PO PO sbb black and white hahaha. OK BYE.

Today best sebab lepas penat penat finally dapat buat. Heee and esok cuti so yeah best gila, balik tadi makan pizza aunty belanja. OMG mcm 14 y-old kan macam ni? Whatever okay. Selamat malam :)

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