April 8, 2011

Surprise, surprise.

I guess things just werent meant to be. We ended it (more so like a moon break but I guess he wanted it to be forever. Hm, what a partner to do?). It takes two to tango, and I've been living in oblivion for the past i-dont-know-how-many-months, weird how people can seem so happy but inside they're just not… happy. I can't really do anything about that though. Huhu.

Yes, I am sad like a mofo. But who gives a fuck? Not him of course *but then again if he reads this. Err yeah. I'm coping up, thanks.*

There's a big IF there. Huwah. Okay I'm babbling after yonks of not writing here. Lost my muse, and havent got time to sit and update yanno? The last thing I want is to be bitter. I don't want that because I love us, I love him, yes there. Me and my feelings blahblahblah.

Oh wow I thought this would be like a post that I can't stop whining about how things went wrong and so and so, but I guess I'm wrong. Ahuh, or maybe it's just me, it's a little bit early to confirm anything pun, I don't know. I don't know anything anymore.

As Summer Finn would say "Life." after Tom Hansen asked her "What happen?" , well I guess thats it. I wish you happiness nonetheless, you were my best friend whether you realize it or not, you were more than that, you were special, my right hand, my big bro, my everything.

BTW, please vote for me, the bro and the duet partner, shibear. We're trying to win her ukulele a big brother and me a camera:

Saaankyu and have a good day/night!

P/S: Pray for me please :(