September 20, 2010

I ran over a deer. and I feel bad about it.

I don't know if there's anyone still around reading my blog due to my excessive emo posts previously. Hm. This won't be any different, anyways.

I guess it's true people come and go at the most random period of your life
Had a few bad hunch few moons ago but I kept quiet, coz hey the last thing you need is drama in your life, right?
I don't know what is it with me and people, I never get to keep them that long the way I want them to
Though, at first I always blame it on the circumstances "Oh, people outgrew each other, chill-the-fucking-lax" or "People have life you know? And you don't. Suck it up", but now I am most certain that the problem lies in me. Me. I'm just too blah/bland/mundane/ B-OOOORINGGG for anyone i guess. I never care, well I do, but not in the way that they can see it anyways.

You know that quote quality over quantity? Well, I guess all I got now is quantity. Shit, this hurts.
If you're looking for a friendship with me, you better think twice, because I am the lamest person you would ever encounter and I could never be that "HAY GIRLFRIEND" type of girlfriend. I am reserved. Period.
"Oh, people outgrew each other, chill-the-fucking-lax".


shishi said...

i read! But kadang kadang the posts are so long i just scan through, haha!

D.A. said...

Aww.. Thanks Shi. I guess when Im in blogspot I automatically turns into blogging machine LOL, unlike in tumblr (eh wait dekat Vox pun i suka babble banyak gila =.=")

Yeah. Hope you're doin good. \m/

Anonymous said...

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