February 23, 2013

I feel like I've been here for 3 months.

A: Waitlah
K: what is that?
A: It's basically wait and lah. The longer the lah, the longer you have to wait.
K: If I want to wait for a minute only?
A: Then it's just "Wait", or else it'll become wait lah, or wait laaaah. Depends.

K: *Paused, serious mode* S, why I have never heard you use Lah to me?
S: *Confused* Because I just don't.


W: *Serious focus poker face facing the laptop* *Confused* GUUUUYS, what is AKAK?
Everyone: What?
W: A.k.a.k.
Everyone: *Laughs* It's a tearm of "endearment".
W: Oooh I see. I'm gonna use it from now on!

E-mail 3 petang titled: I am in LOVE with a guy sitting next to me <3 p="">E-mail 3.15 replied: I thought it was R? Ooh that's very sweet although not-so-secret anymore.

Guess who yang reply? Big big boss.

*Geleng kepala*

They work like mad people, but crazy bunch of people, too. So work's getting funner than I thought it would initially be. Heheh. Enjoying this!

February 20, 2013

Take me to the ocean

To me,
You are the ocean,
Vast, deep and blue,
Fully rooted with sorrows,
But calmly beautiful.

To me,
You are the skies,
Holding the stars without a single pillar,
Befriend the sun without fail,
When the moon rises,
You're like a cosy blanket,
For everyone that looks up.

To me,
You are the greens,
That Allah created to beautify the scene.


Pantai Dalam,
Kuala Lumpur

February 17, 2013

Untuk jadi seorang Dalila, peratusan anxious dan worry harus tinggi, paling minima pun dalam 99.9%.
Untuk jadi seorang Dalila, skill overanalyze perlu ditahap advance. Untuk masalah sekecil lubang jarum pun, harus dirisaukan. Mesti.

Entah kenapalah aku ni. Manusia memang tak reti bersyukur kan? Terutama aku. Aku.

Aku takut gila sebenarnya.
Banyak gila what ifs dalam kepala, naik serabut.
Macam, sekarang ni, entahlah. Bila aku fikir pasal semua benda, aku jadi down.

Tak best lah macam ni.
Tapi kan, kalau I'm not meant for this, kenapa aku dapat?

Sebab Allah nak uji. Sebab Allah cakap, this is it babygirl, you can do this, it's gonna be tough but I know you can because I KNOW.

Susah sangat nak keep being optimistic ni. Syaitan banyak sangat agaknya.
I need me some usrah group or something like that. Dah empty sangat. 

February 10, 2013


You have got to stop this mindless games.

It's not your time yet, kot?

Entahlah. Cukup cukup please? Penat lah nak sambung tampal tampal hati yang dah koyak banyak kali ni. Penat. :(