February 23, 2013

I feel like I've been here for 3 months.

A: Waitlah
K: what is that?
A: It's basically wait and lah. The longer the lah, the longer you have to wait.
K: If I want to wait for a minute only?
A: Then it's just "Wait", or else it'll become wait lah, or wait laaaah. Depends.

K: *Paused, serious mode* S, why I have never heard you use Lah to me?
S: *Confused* Because I just don't.


W: *Serious focus poker face facing the laptop* *Confused* GUUUUYS, what is AKAK?
Everyone: What?
W: A.k.a.k.
Everyone: *Laughs* It's a tearm of "endearment".
W: Oooh I see. I'm gonna use it from now on!

E-mail 3 petang titled: I am in LOVE with a guy sitting next to me <3 p="">E-mail 3.15 replied: I thought it was R? Ooh that's very sweet although not-so-secret anymore.

Guess who yang reply? Big big boss.

*Geleng kepala*

They work like mad people, but crazy bunch of people, too. So work's getting funner than I thought it would initially be. Heheh. Enjoying this!

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