June 22, 2012


This is important: *crack knuckles*
I've told you how perfect Sunday went have I not? And I've told almost everyone I know Sunday night was perf- *kabush*,
Well this is going to be longggg and fangirl-ish (at least total full blown fangirling), you might wanna fix yourself a cuppa. Let's do this!
I got important meeting at 9 with some important people on Sunday morning and I stayed until 11. I promised them I'll stay until 1130 but I was extremely fidgety just by knowing that I'll be seeing the man himself at 5 on the same day. Grabbed my car key, picked up my bros and L and we were good to go. I actually drove out from SA at noon. Brothers complained that it was a tad too early to go anyways, but I did not let that affect my eager beaver-ness to meet Bill.

We got lost for at least an hour LOL and never have I ever be in the middle of KL behind the wheels so it was such a beautiful adventure (for me at the very least, I'm not sure about L. Heheh)! We've crossed Dataran Merdeka, KLCC, BB  you name it.

At 2 something I manage to find my way back and headed back to Dutamas to find Publika. Fun fact: I've been to Publika twice, one for the YunaInspred competition (me and the band as the VIPs) and another one for The Impatient Sisters at The Bee but never by my own so I got lost (again, me - forever a lost girl). Reached Publika round 230-ish, stuffed ourselves with free lunch courtesy of the ever so kind Miss L. While the boys went for solat, I shopped for the feasible medium ever to write a heartfelt fanletter to Beckett; wanted to go with the A3 sized drawing block but I think they're just too pricey. T_T so I settled with envelopes instead. Wrote William things that I wish I could say to him; like how he was such an inspiration and how bad I miss THE BOYS. (I used to have HUGE crush on Mrotek the Butcher, so-)
Around 430-ish I saw LMB's Shahrul (Lab the Rat was one of the opening act, so-) and his crew walking past by me and i know it was the cue for me to queue and wait for the show, so I went out and to my luck I was one of the first few persons at the entrance so I wait patiently while listening to the soundcheck.

The show supposed to start at 5 but since some of the performers weren't there  yet, they've extended it to 6 instead.

Got in at 530 and my view was spectacular, it was like only a couple of steps to William (the stage was effing lowww <3) and I was excited as eff. Iki got in a bit late and he saw The Beckett himself!! Aaaaaaak If only i waited a few more minutes I could've shake hands with the guy!

That aside I love the fact that the place was intimate enough, such as this:

Lab the Rat started the show off with I think 5-6 songs? And they played Airinna, a song which Shahrul's brother wrote for his first daughter, so lovely. They mentioned that this was the first acoustic set they ever performed so that was pretty good to know. I didn't know that Shahrul was married so when Sha, one of the singer mentioned that Shahrul's the dad to be and he was touching Sha's pregnant belly that moment was pretty sweet <3. Last Sunday was my first time listening to LTR and I gotta say - they've got themselves some good ears and talents. Even Bill sneak in at the back (from where I was sitting, I can see him enjoying LTR's set) to see them and we (I) kept waving each other, I knew from that point forward, that night would be THE night. Bill was such a sweetheart.

Estranged was late!! We have to wait for them for at least an hour! They played three songs I guess and that was it. Billiam was up next! Wihu I so can't wait to tell you what happen from this point forward! (!!). So he came on the stage looking like this:

He started off with a cover from Damien Rice, Elephant which was too beautiful for words (which was also my first time listening him cover a ballad like that..*swoon*). Someone shouted "Saya cinta kamu!" and he was like "What? What was that?" and we, the front row people told him that it was I love You in Malay and he went "Awwww, how do I reply it back?", we literally taught him how to say it back and he said it "Saya cinta kamu too!, Saya cinta kamu too! :)". So sweet. I think I should list out the setlist for that night (as far as I can remember and not in numbered order):

1st slot:
1. Damien Rice's Elephant
2. Pour Yourself A Drink
3. Compromising Me
4. You and I Against the World
5. The Test
6. Girl, You Should Be A Drummer
7. Oh, Love
8. You Never Give Up
* One of my favs from his WTT EP. He told us that if we were there solo (i.e me), he'd be the other person to accompany us, d'aw. :")*

9. The Smiths' Ask Me
****Gotten rickroll'd by Beckett so awesomely I don't even.
2nd slot:
10. Everything We Had
11. Down and Out
12. The Fever
13. After The Last Midtown Show
14. Attention
15. About A Girl
16. New EP WWC Debut: Great Night (We've inside jokes with Bill, calling it Grape night/Gabe night on Stageit)

He was super charming, honestly the wittiest performer I've ever gotten the chance to see live, he interacted with the crowd like he was actually part of the crowd I feel like it was a huge reunion :") *sappy*. Oh, and his fascination over KL Drift was um, a bit worrying hahah! I, for the most part thinks that he was honestly trolling us with the KL Drift references from time to time. For the second slot he open the floor for requests and when there were too much of 'em he had to stop the crowd and said "Hey, hey let me at least have 3 songs of my choice okay?" and he played Everything We Had and everyone was singing along and everything was perfect asdfghjkl. Then! He asked a girl for her name, I think it was Mru, and Bill was all like "Mru? I like your name Mru, so Mru, what do you want me to play?" Damn gurl you lucky you. She asked for Down & Out and I swore I got tears in my eyes I miss The Academy Is so so much and it was one of my favorite song from them and now that I'm in a soul searching mode that song fits me perfectly oh god I feel so thankful to be alive and kicking to witness the song LIVE before my eyes.

Then William took a few seconds tea break (did I mention that he was not that well? I didn't? Well, yes he wasn't; he looked pale. But he sang like an angel-), and I was having this crazy conversation inside my head that I knew I wouldve been too nervous to say it aloud but to my surprise I said it! I asked Bill to play The Fever, and he was at first reluctant from the look if his face (maybe coz the song is too fast), but I did chipped in a I-hope-it-was-as-cute-as-I-intend-it-to-be "Pleeeeaaaaase", and he said something like " I wasn't gonna, but" then the song went on just like that I swear I could've fainted there and then!

He stared a lot at my phone (which I used to record it with) it was so so surreal! Someone you've been waiting to meet for the longest time was there in front of you, just talked to you and now playing YOUR song JUST FOR YOU. HOW CAN THAT NOT BE PERFECT?!

After The Fever, he played his second song choice - After The Last Midtown Show, and somewhere after that he played Attention!! That was The song that brought me to love them until today :'). He played About A Girl after a few people keep requesting that song and I honestly think he did that on purpose because it was a sing-along worthy song and when it was with THAT crowd, so thoughtful I don't even.
He ended it with the new song Grape Night <3. We had the opportunity to meet the man himself on stage, I was TOO NERVOUS I THINK I BLEW IT :(, he signed my poster I gave him the fanmail, got us on my instax AND OH HE AGREED TO BE ON MY FACES PROJECT *SUPER LOVES* AAAAAAAAAAK (Cannot wait to send the film over!). He was so friendly I can't believe. Sigh, THANK YOU BILL FOR THE GREAT NIGHT. (You are such a sweetheart) 50bucks for a 4-hour show, WELL SPENT.
My face oh the horror, but Bill's *love*

*I know I'm shouting here but whatevs toldya this gonna be all fangirly*

Thank you for reading HAHAHA you're alright. :)

June 19, 2012


Last Sunday was perfect. I'm still giddy and at lost for words.
I'm letting all the excitements sinking in and I'll relive it soon enough.


June 15, 2012


One thing I miss most about being a student is the  ability to fill up your calendar and actually have something to look forward to.

I've sent out countless applications, waiting for them to call me out for interviews but as of now, all I have planned out is for the next two weeks. This is scary, disappointing and unproductive.


June 9, 2012

//83: -ships.

Believe me everything is fun and dandy when you meet someone new. They tend to look perfect as eff, and they'll impress you with every waking bones they have. As days go by, they tend to forget that they should be perfect, and that everyone is hooked on their s'pose-to-be-attitude and there they are, taking you (or maybe I am taking them) for granted then boom! Annoyances all around.
We are too comfortable with ourselves, though it should be good, but it brings out the worst in us. Me, included. Just, don't lose each other, or what we have, okay? :(
I love you so much. Today's tiring. It's draining out my mental, physical and the most of it all - emotional energy.