December 21, 2010


Say whaaa 100th post! LOL. Apela yang aku dok merepek kat sini ek?
Anyways, here I am again. Sepatutnya dah boleh dinner sekarang ni tapi... hm, aku tak suka lah bila berada satu tempat & share oxygen yang sama dengan kau. Toxic. Buat hilang selera makan je. Kes sudip pun boleh jadi masalah dunia. Kecoh ah lu minah!
*Kruuuuuk*, k perut dah bunyi, tapi seriously i rather starve and eat with you around, maaflah, memang melampaui tahap kesabaran aku.

Tak sabar nak tunggu malam Sabtu sebab banyak benda best akan jadi. OHMG, lagi lama aku duduk sini lagi gila jadinya. Tell me why every single thing kena jadi big issue? I cannot fathom how much fun you're having with all of these issues. Blegh.

Baru nak happy.

December 18, 2010

(via -coeurdepirate)
Meh, anyways, I know I havent been writing that much, is busy with internship and all. We will be in the development process next week and I hope I can settle as much as we plan this week. Only two more weeks to go for the first presentation in front of the SV. I love the place, and the people are so laid back I feel like I'm on my summer school instead of doing my internship.... and like I said, this is the unstressed me talking. Lol, we'll see how far I stand my ground.

By the by, I promised (somewhat) myself to pen down a song (on of the things that I haven't done in awhile), and guess what? Idea came to me yesterday on the lazy friday train ride. Sad song I might say. Hm. Anyways:

December 9, 2010


I havent been feeling this feverish in eons, and I don't like it one bit! :( I have some issues being home alone, I can't be left alone or I'd feel depressed. Even I'm sickly, I still have the appetite to eat, thats the weirdest thing about me I guess, who bothers to eat when they sick? I do!

So I decided to cook. Simple stuff, but I think it is delicious e he he he tak malu puji diri sendiri.

Lunch orang sakit,
ditemani OJ favourite.

I hate calling in sick today because I know I will miss A LOT :( Have to catch up on readings before tomorrow starts. Toodles!

December 8, 2010


I miss talking about things that don't backfire.
I miss learning.. in that way. Alhamdulillah things are getting ok.
If you're here asking for my internship (which has been only two days, lol, and thanks for your concern - I like that place very much - this is the unstressed me talking, we'll see how far coding will get me crazy)

I miss having all the time in the world to talk to my guy.