December 9, 2010


I havent been feeling this feverish in eons, and I don't like it one bit! :( I have some issues being home alone, I can't be left alone or I'd feel depressed. Even I'm sickly, I still have the appetite to eat, thats the weirdest thing about me I guess, who bothers to eat when they sick? I do!

So I decided to cook. Simple stuff, but I think it is delicious e he he he tak malu puji diri sendiri.

Lunch orang sakit,
ditemani OJ favourite.

I hate calling in sick today because I know I will miss A LOT :( Have to catch up on readings before tomorrow starts. Toodles!

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namnam said...

LOL babe! I was sick too.. eh well, I'm actually still with the sore throat and runny nose.. ANYWAY, macaroni and cheese was my sick-please-go-away-masak-sendiri food for myself.

nyiah. i just wanted to point out that two common things that happened to us this week. sick + macaroni.

ok bye :P