January 30, 2013

Funny little world.

Funny how life took a turn.
Alhamdulillah for that.

I'm in for a new adventure with life and to be honest, I am scared. I cannot believe I actually seek my way out and I'm not really sure if this is *it* but I got to get through it so that I know, yes?

I mean why the heck am I being /selected/ if I am not fit for it. Kan?
Been having a lot of me time and a lot of things to ponder upon. Gosh, 2013 is really the year to be independent and shit. I foresee  a lot more breakdowns from me but hey that's normal, when you are down the only way is up *Sila simpan optimistik ini Dalila, jangan buat buat lupa*
I am not implying that 2012 is shitty, after all I did wish the year would make me, me. I guess I gotta learn my flaws and what nots so I can bear with all the happiness coming my way this year, cewah!
Hahaha and look at me, a month too late to even write a proper pre-new year post but oh well.

I haven't been good with words lately. I cannot focus more than 5 minutes which is not good, but not bad either because it means I can multitask.
I got SO many things to do, SO many things to be thankful of, and 2013 sjdbhsjagfdgahfsdas I'm gonna be an adult for reals.

So, just, be nice, and let me be...happy (or less depressing, that'd be nice too)