May 29, 2011

I went to see my childhood friend getting married just now and it got me thinking. Wow, this girl almost 20 years ago. Was like my bicycle gang man, we fought imaginary pirates and tried hard saving our imaginary sinking ship. This girl who brought me everywhere she wanted to go, with my red bicycle I followed her like a loyal sidekick. I can remember the whole damn journey getting the 20cents ice cream in the forbidden land[1] and rushed home quickly after that so that our moms wouldn't notice.

That was, yes 20 years ago. When I was alone, and I was my own man. I got no brothers, I just got me and my girl. Yep and we didn't own any barbie (up until I was 8 - but that was a present from my dear bestguyfriend. True story.). So yeah and it got me hard. Like how things with me now - no guy, no relationship whatsoever and I'm reaching 24 soon. Mothereffin' 24. Where have I been? What have I been doing for the past 20 years? And 24 man, I promised myself I'll settle down around 25. Haha well kita merancang tuhan menentukan yes?

Kerja pun tak lagi. Speaking of which, I want to get back into the Jungle again. Work has been fun, but I miss my student life. The ability to sleep late and wake up early. Watching series every damn day. Rushing to do work only till the last minute. I miss. I miss all that. I won't be having my usual gang back in Uni, which is a bit of a downer but that's okay. I just miss being a student, okay?

Went out with Abah and the bros. Been a while! The last I saw them three was like 2 months ago. =/ Was okay. Abah told me not to worry. Hm.

And, Abah got the bride's name wrong. Dah balik baru perasan. She wasn't my girl. HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Bongok gila aku reminisce cam orang bangang. But t'was cool sbb jumpa familiar faces :)

[1] Tempat orang jual ice cream banyak gila and perisa best best tapi bahay skit sbb dekat dengan landasan keretapi, dulu kan mana ada ktm. So memang bahaya. Bila Ibu tau aku pergi beli ice cream memang selalu kena hambat ah. Tapi ice cream sedap. So worth it.

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shishi the great said...

God has better plans for you. I guess it's hard, but He's got to be hard on us, right? We don't know what's best for us until it actually happens.