June 13, 2011

This should be the last post, I'm ending it here. Not in the mood for writing (maybe a tiny bit but not like this). I wont talk about you anymore because obviously you don't care about me at all. I hope you are happy with the new girl, I mean it. Thank you for being a part of me all these while. I got my life to attend to and I'm glad that this thing between us is finally over because I cannot see you in it anyways.

I'm breaking, just so you know. But I don't want you anymore, I don't want anything closer to you anymore. That's that.

- Your, used to be, awesome girl.


Sophea Adrianna said...

Hun, be strong okay. Im always here for you :) and when u feel better later on, do come back to the blogging world! :)

I.A. said...

way to kick ass, sis. :)