December 12, 2011

//23: Sweet Disposition.

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Fuck you, whore.

Excuse moi french.
If my life is a 120-minutes movie, I'd like to have (500) Days of Summer's soundtrack as my soundtrack.
Most people suggests that this is the movie for you if you want to move on. But is it weird if I told you that, upon watching this movie (3 years ago, alone - in the cinema), I had this flashbacks on someone other than the person I was currently with. I still feel the same way now (yep, I'm still watching and feels like posting something up).

The only difference is that, I don't feel the same way I did three years ago.

But....I'm on the verge of being a Tom, reflecting back on things, on y'know.
I didn't realize how funny this movie was, until now.

And to quote a friend's tweet;
I've been Tom, I've been Summer, where's my Autumn?

1 comment:

shishi the great said...

Autumn's somewhere out there getting to you as fast as his gangly legs can take him! Hehe :-)