January 14, 2012

//36: "Foster Us, We are the People!"

Wasn't even gonna lie that I was too tired, too frikkin jet lagged to even think about going to shows, but I promised a friend, and I bought the ticket already so wattahack. I know for a fact that Ive sworn by everything that is great that the album was the highlight of my 2011, but but, y'know when you're too busy with stuff your excitement tend to chill down a bit.

Anyhoos! Enough chitchatting about petty stuff. Came there as early as my lazyass could and we chilled for a bit, (if i knew that Foster the People would roam around KLCC, I would come superfrikkin early. :/). And around 7ish we made a move to the convention centre, hall 4. Felt cheated for awhile because we partyzone people shouldn't mix with regular people (ahem), but there werent any barricade that separate us and we were pretty far back, all I can see was the speakers. SPEAKERS MAN! Grrh.

When Natalie and some random dj from Hitz were cheering up the crowd, we kept chanting PARTYZONE! PARTYZONE! PARTYZONE! Which to tell you the truth, t'was frikkin cool. Hihihi felt like I was 16 again :'). So around 830ish (the show supposed to start at 830.), they moved the barricade forward and when the show starts somehow someone somewhere was being a total winner and got us, the Partyzone people moved forward to the Fanatic Zone, which cost waaaay more (and Yuna, Zee were there too), my spot was horrible but the amazing music make up for it. All Foster gotta do was raise his hands and command us to dance and we did. I DID. Gah I miss going to shows like that! Where all there is was the music and me and nothing else matters. Nothing else matters!

Best crowd I've been in, in a very long while.

Warrant was fantastic. Don't Stop! was out of this world. And I hate anything dubstep; but extended Pumped Up Kicks killed it! Love it! Love love love it! Foster was being such a sweetheart by giving this short inspirational speech, such as this:

Though I can't really see them for where I was standing, I took a peek of Foster's famous shoulder dance (eheh!), Fink with his bass and Pontius (Ahmagad why you so hot?) raging on drums.

But the sound system was pretty suckish to be honest. And organizer could so much better if they have actually do their work and such. But thanks for the free Fanatic Zone pass :P!

2012 had just started and I already had the most amazing two sets of weekends so far!

P.S. Waste will always be the sweetest. 


shishi the great said...

"Felt cheated for awhile because we partyzone people shouldn't mix with regular people (ahem)"

lolololololo dalila! XD

dalila. said...

it's the truest form of truth! (and those annoying elitist - oh sheesh why are kids here? they dont even know foster the people! - pfffttt, shut up please! we pay, we deserve to enjoy.)


. said...

i want this videooooooo


dalila. said...

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