January 18, 2012


It has been almost a week and I can't still shake off the fact that I had the crappiest spot during FTP. D:
and that I still loop their songs every frikkin day,
that the first thing and the last thing I do would be tuning in into random FTP interviews and countless live performances of them,
and that the only thing I talk about is how the songs relate to me so much (and how Foster write so well),
and how Ruby makes my heart aches,
and how I regret not playing their songs weeks before the concert so that I can get in the zone
and how far in the future that I have to wait for their second show here.

... and when Pontius tweets "Japanation" I feel like .. I don't know, I just feel like telling him how they made my year worthwhile because I end up discovering them anyways because if it wasnt for that random download thing I used to do when I'm bored, I wouldn't get a listen of their album.

This is frikkin unhealthy. I found Foster's facebook and I kinda left him a little message about how amazing they were last Friday.

It has been eons since I last fell in love deep with a band, that all I want to sing is their songs, and find things about them, I don't care how mainstream they've become...I just, am just effing glad that I get the chance to own the record, and find their b-sides.

Foster the People, I love you beyond words.

your latest fan(girl) who had the crappiest spot during your Asia tour (in KL 2012) and will always remember Foster's face bathe in the purple stage light.

p/s: yes, I can be such a dork.

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