April 30, 2012


"Stay where you are now"
Oh my god Mr.crush said Hi, and we talked a bit and I didn't get all awkward and shit (yay me!). He smileeeeeed. (he remembers me, he totally flippin remembers me!) Damn boi you foine foine creature you.
Here's a nice song to accompany this post and to make everything seems a little more dramatic than it really is. Heehee.  Cannot wait for the album, cepatlah Yuna release it hereeee!

p/s: anon (yes you), kinda need to ask you something - a random question, but I want to ask in private. Could you drop your email or something?


Anonymous said...

Hi, you and your crush are sooooooo cute.

Are you asking/talking to me ?


I'll be dropping email to you if you want to :)

so, email ?

//anon from melaka, of course.

Dalila Ali said...

yes you anon =.=" haha thanks, that's the end of my crush thingy anyways.

i want your email! :D

Anonymous said...

Haha. Okay, okay.