May 21, 2012


You know what's funny, tres weird and awkward?
Being at the same spot with people you (used) to know (or stalked) through myspace, livejournal, vox blahblahblah and not being able to really hang around with them because:
a) you were a socially awkward penguin
b) you didn't dress cool enough to be in the crowd
c) you were not sure whether they remember you as much.
So yeah.

I was sticking out like a sore thumb, sitting at the edge looking forever alone (together) with my bro and enjoying the ambiance. Not sure if I like being in that situation or that I even want to be in that kind of situation ever again.
Drove my way to KL today, was lost as mofo but found my way to Lake Gardens just in time to catch the girls sing and dance and host a hi tea picnic potluck party.

I think I'm meant for live music and only live music. Not chill out sesh whatsoever.
There's always the first time for everything, and also, the last.

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Anonymous said...

*virtual awkward penguins hug*

-anon per usual.