June 11, 2010

Stumbl #2: Charlie McDonnell

Been awhile since my last stumbl post ain't it?
I got to know about Charlie McDonnell (or also known on YT as charlieissocoollike) from Maggie Starr, and I'm hooked ever since. As you can see, I even link him as one of my favourites on the right side of the linkities section.

He's a 19 y/o Brit' lad with painfully honest and innocent humor to boot (... and posses an accent to die for, -- I'm a girl afterall. heh :-)). Previously known as Tuesday from the fiveawesomeguys channel (--which he records all his videos on Tuesday, so that clears it).

What makes him qualified for this stumbl post? Well, Charlie - aside from being an eyecandy that he is (ahem yes), he:
  • Selects random challenges from his viewers and shows it on his own 'Challenge Charlie' series. Challenges that I've seen him done so far:
  • Dying his hair red.
  • Juggling
  • Wear all of his clothes at the same time (hats, and socks included)
  • Eat baby food
  • Eat fish fingers with custard sauce (yes, he is a big fan of Doctor Who)
  • Answer 148 questions under 4 minutes
  • Does cool projects like shaving his head to raise money for cancer, ChartJackers, Chameleon Circuit (music that based entirely on Doctor Who) and Can you find Charlie?

"I've Got Nothing" - ChartJacker
  • Write songs like Acne Song. Seriously guise, acne.
  • Posts random videos. Wait, let me rephrase that, he posts random funny videos.
... and he raps too.


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