June 6, 2010


A friend of mind is getting married next week (!!) which made me and my friend, Maggie Starr, decided to shop around for her wedding gift. We agreed on SJ (which to kill two birds with one stone - since my fav. girl asked me to come & say hello). Got my hands on the top that I've been eyeing and something extra :-)

After having a look see and finally settled on a set of our own mix-n-match-wedding-gift. We decided to... shop around a little more. Let me make this clear: I am a gadget type of girl, i don't fancy spending cash on clothes - so I kinda surprised myself with the stuff I bought. Lol, feels like I'm finally... a girl.

Now, I'm *this close* to insolvency. I need moolah so I can buy them gadgets I have my eyes on. Damn. Need to work lah macam ni!

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