June 22, 2010


Things have come to a stagnant mode lately, like they won't budge, they sit there and rot slowly in vain. I feel like I'm rotting -- and I need someone to talk things with, and now is the perfect fucked up time to realize - I ain't got someone to talk to.

Not even my other half, or my best friends for life.

It's like I'm running out of special people that have special talent (which is to get me in whatever I am, like now), I have no one to look up to, no one I could.. y'know, chill and let go stuff with. This stuff, which I myself not sure what, is freakishly annoying, it's bugging my every corner.

I need a conversation with a stranger. This particular stranger I am head over heel in love with (not romantically though, but it feels like we view the world the same, albeit, this person is hundred and one times smarter than me in every possible way), though this stranger might not know me, and truth to be told, this shit I'm writing here is effin creepy - even for me.

Y'know, feels like hanging around with new set of people, new mindsets, new views.