June 19, 2010

"Reach for the sky"

Toy Story 3 nailed it. The storyline is just perfect, I feel like *I* finally got my childhood closure - the toys were there when my mom was with me, it feels like I'm relieving my childhood and giving it a great ending that it deserves. :') Maybe I'm just being a dork but I love Disney Pixar movies, they move you. Every single one of them.


I'm useless with review, but imho, there are no cliches/try hard scenes to bring back the toys to their glory days, the toys are The toys, y'know? It's like I'm meeting my old friends for one last time. Aah~ :') I love this movie so much. Watch it in 3D and try to get the farthest seats you can get and just enjoy every second of it. Every scene is worth it, every laughter and every tear you shed is effin' worth it. I feel grateful that technologies are evolving and giving people new cinema experience and makes this movie is worth the wait, worth your every penny.

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