August 8, 2011

Oh my god harini aku makan cappuccino cheesecake, leftover birthday Aunty dua hari lepas. Whut. There goes my so called diet. Tak sedap mana pun tapi I feel like having some dessert and out of all things I choose that? /facepalm.

Esok pegi Putrajaya to pay Abah a visit (and finally, maybe, a decent tarawih outing with him - minus the bros :( which I guess no mapley session afterwards oh well). I hope I survive the stepmom's wrath (semi-exaggeration. havent been in a close proximity with her in yonks, I'm quite nervous to say the least).

So yeah, I dont even know why I'm updating this blog at 1:18 in the morning. Nah gambar kucing aku, dia penat sebab banyak sangat pose last last pose macam ni lepastu sambung tidoq. Selamba.

Fact #1452461: Believe it or not, Po can stop whatever she's doing and listen to me when I pickup the uke. Sumpah makhluk Tuhan paling comel. Kalau aku sedih, she'll be beside me main main dengan jari aku sampai aku Ok. So much love.

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