November 10, 2012

Post-100 posts

Wow it just hit me that Yuna that I used to know is not what Yuna is now.
I mean, I used to be able randomly drop that girl a message and I'd get a reply,
heck I even get to chat with her occasionally dulu; catching up on stuff, talks about boys and stuff. (yes I can't even believe it myself.)

I don't even know if I even got the chance to talk to her end of this month.
Wow, everyone just change so much.

(I am NOT implying that she's totally a different person (she's still who she is, well at least that's what my last memory of her can recall), it's just that.. your usual dorky girl is not that usual anymore. She's frikkin somebody now, and I am totally, totally proud of her. Period.)
On a slightly unrelated note, I am loving the third EP installment of the biggest sweetheart I've met in history - William Beckett; loving the fact that he's keeping the friendships with the rest of the band members, and that The Butcher is in this one.


Work is OK. I guess I have to learn to love it.

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