August 6, 2010

Hello untuk awak.

Hai orang Melaka (I assume) yang ada say Hi dekat formspring dulu. Lama tak nampak dekat feedjit? Sihat? Saja mahu say hello balik! :)


Anonymous said...

Haha. Comel ja. Hai balik.

D.A. said...

Anon, do you have a blog? Nak baca juga :-p

Anonymous said...

Rasa macam tak nak reply ja mula-mula, haha.

Tumblr ada, tapi, takda barang pun kat situ kecuali bola sepak.


D.A. said...

Haha, awat? Takut breach of privacy ka? (cewah bukan kenal pun) Anyways, okay then. Hu hu.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha. Bukan senang nak cari orang yang faham ni. Haha.

Lebih kurang lah.

Nanti agak-agak bila wall tu dah ada pintu, nak jemput orang lain masuk, insyaAllah.

D.A. said...

Haha okay anon. :)

Anonymous said...

I know this is pretty random.

Tapi kan boleh tak beritahu your education history ?

Bukan nak judge ke apa, NOOOO.

But I really need somebody opinion :)

Anyway, tak nak beritahu pun takpa. It's okay ;)

D.A. said...

Hm, boleh, tak kisah.

Dulu, I was doing a 4-year Higher Dip in Business iT.
And now, I'm doing my Degree in Business IS.

Kira, I'm a geek at heart hahah. Though, I think I lambat sikit from my friends sebab SPM dulu takla bagus mana. Hu hu.

Opinion on apa ni?

Anonymous said...

Formerly, I was applying for software engine. The application went well, 'cept for I didnt get enough points for alevel.

Jadi kiranya sekarang ni I'm back at starting point : apply local uni.

The problem is, software engine is under bachelor of tech, bukan bachelor of engineering.
(takut nanti sponsor tak nak sponsor)

The thing is, I don't wanna make the same mistake, as choosing alevel over Business IS(aha, dulu dapat juga tawaran utp !) when I know I could actually be in second year of uni right now instead of a do over.

How did you end up doing your course today ? Is it because that is what you want or gamble ja ?

D.A. said...

Oh wow, who knew we're doing similar things!
Anyways, to answer your question...
Way back when I was in highschool, I took Technical Drawing which if I do well (which I didnt) enables me to enter Uni for architecture course. I wanted to do that, at first.

I was good at computer compared to friends my age, I know my way around platforms and htmls (I work my foundation up based on my blog back then ahem). But, I dont really, y'know, put that much thought of taking any IT course (even my school had that, and I didnt enroll myself in that class)

But then, my SPM was bad. I mean, compared to friends who achieve at least 5As, mine was the worst. To be honest, I didnt know what to take after school sebab time sekolah mmg sgt lost. So I just let my wandering minds do the rest.

Dalam UPU i letak accounting as my first choice and first fews contain business related. I dont like business that much, but I think it was a safe course to do. I mean, business will ALWAYS be there.
I suck at math too, so I was praying utk tak dpt account, which I memang tak dapat (phew!).

Then for the last few, I letak archi and comp sc. And I got comp sc in UiTM, at the same time I tried applying for English comm. (this is my passion) some MARA college. But, masa SPM, result math surprisingly dapat A1, so I got Biznez IT instead. Since UiTM i dpt in Sarawak, some of my fam objected, so I resorted to the MARA college. sebab both pun course sama. ( I got in both Management course and Creative Multimedia too, kat MMU, but takde duit. So yeah terpaksa lupakan)

I didnt fight to change my course because I did very well in my HND, so I thought, this must be my strength, y'know. Sebab kalau amik English Comm, macam nanti nak jadi apa? Abstract sgt.

So macam part of it, macam gamble.. bila dah over the years doing IT, i realize I'm good at this, and I fell in love with the technicality part of it.

I wanted to do communication/language related. That is what I want. But this course, Business IS, it's like my security blanket. If anything happen, like I said, biznez will always be there. Everything involve business.

I might do another degree on linguistic or smthg related later (iA), but I do what I can to secure my place in the community now. And I masuk sini pun, sebab dapat JPA (I was planning to further my degree in NZ in Communication and IT - they have such course, but luck wasnt on my side. Memang Allah nak I stay sini).

If you're a muslim, and i think you are, you should consider solat istikarah, belive me, it helps me a lot in doing my decisions.

Whew, that's a long answer! Hope I can help you a bit :)