August 5, 2010

Of snail mail and whatnots.

Tadi, masa kelas Investment, atas meja aku ada tertera satu ukiran yang spell out the word (or more like a question - the way the 'crafter' did it) "Bored...?", instinctively, I replied "Yes, very. Help?" and I'm not gonna lie that I was hoping for a reply. That simple message makes me realize how much I miss communicating anonymously.

Memang, up to one point we would love to reveal ourselves sebab sampai bila pun nak jadi anon, right? That'll be the stage when I've already feel comfortable with the person(s). Dulu, masa sekolah, I had a pet sis, we've never really talk that much with each other but we communicate a lot on papers. Pass-pass letters bawah meja. How oldskool! That was circa 2000. Come Raya, she'd post me Raya cards and it went on for two years. I was in form one and she was in form four. I swear I'd feel all excited receiving and replying messages, and anticipating the times when we saw each other and all that shizz.

Okay, aku dulu loser (sekarang pun, mungkin). Sumpah takde guy nak dekat aku. Haha, so yeah, jika anda bertanyakan soalan "Eleh, tu pun nak excited ke, kakak angkat je pun", soalan anda telah terjawab. Ok, moving on! Now, we have all these social networks that show who we are on the outside, kira memang tak in depth, but kalau orang stalk, people can read you by heart, in a way - bahaya. And, in a way, we've lost our privacy (even if kita bukan public figure of some sort...but still). If we keep our accounts private pun, we tend to add people we like, (albeit, we never talk to this person in real life, at all)... takde la private mana kan?

Tak, sebenarnya aku dah sidetracked panjang gila ni. Aku rindu nak dapat snail mail dalam mailbox merah depan rumah (okay, sekarang stail mailbox dah lain, takbest, takde feel - penuh dengan bills je), nampak effort orang tu nak communicate dengan kita macam mana. Ape barang wall to wall bila jumpa depan depan senyum macam tak nak senyum?


p/s: BTW, thanks to sesiapa yang ambik serious post lepas. Minggu ni aku dah tenang banyak. Terima kasih again, harap karma baik datang berganda-ganda kat korang! Amin. :)

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