August 11, 2010

Its that time of the year again! :-)

It's the first of Ramadhan! and what excites me apart from servicing my Lord, is ... the Bazaar Ramadhan!
He he he. I'll always make it a priority to check out the bazaar in the first day of Ramadhan just to know what to eat, what to crave for and of course how much should I spend on food alone (nafs is ALWAYS in the way, which is not good.). Let me tell you something, being twenty-something do have its advantages as I've been to countless bazaars during my student life and I could pretty much select my food instead of going out of control buying food just for the sake of "Oh, i MUST eat that! It's been ages! Tomorrow's gonna be a long fasting day, I couldnt afford salivating over this!"... y'know and that thoughts kinda automatically floats on your mind pretty much on every sight of food you encounter. (IF you're a big fan of Murtabak, kuih pelita, air tebu/teh bunga/lai chi kang, ayam percik, ayam golek (and all other awesome ayams), nasi ayam/lemak/kerabu kukus - and whatnots... like me *big grin*)

But yeah, my first day went... pretty okay. I made a mental note while I was in the sea of hungry Muslims that I should get the food that I crave the most - and run the hell out of the bazaar, just like what I did just now and I must say it's pretty challenging! Hello, this is bazaar Ramadhan we're talking about! (if you're Malaysian and familiar with things like this. They are just too hard to resist!). So yeah here I am, my purse is alive and breathing AND just slightly empty which is cool.

Since it is only the first day.. I'd like to wish you guys, a very calm and peaceful Ramadhan! May Allah bless us with easiness to perform good deeds and responsibilities as a good Muslim. Amin. :)

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