September 4, 2012


That's not the point, the picture I mean. I'm not going to talk about how "fall apart" I was but this. I most probably will end my status as an unemployed graduate status soon, which is great. I mean, i've searched high and low for this and I got it anddd y'know I'm supposed to be looking forward to it right? I am. I was. I think?

People painted this career life or path being an adult like it is such a bad news that you could not get out off, I mean that's effing scary sia. I know it's normal to feel all the jitters and being all nervous and shit but ohmygod have you check the time this entry is posted? 10 freaking AM. I don't do 10 AM no sir, 10 AM for me is a William-Beckett-o'clock in my town and everywhere else in WB fandom. Yes, I got sucked into the fandom/bandom yet again but that's not the point.

Oh God, I'm not even sure what I'm trying to say to you. I guess, I'm afraid that I'd be that boring old adult in the corner and sulk at how life is, y'know? I mean I REFUSE to be boring. I REFUSE to stop whatever this is. But on the other hand, maybe this is what it is? It is meant to be. I am meant to end up boring and wrinkly and responsibilities are my best friend. sagfdhasfdga THIS JUST GOT REAL MAN.

Excuse me for exuding a sense of wimpiness but I am scared shitless. I have to start doing my SAP reading up again and ohmygod sdfghjkl. Yeah wait, I can't use that kind of language with you because you don't understand fangirl talk. So-ory.

But then again I've been unemployed for months! I'm SO spent on doing precisely nothing and being unproductive, I wanna try something else. But this "something else" is permanent. You know how effing scary that sound? You're gonna "try" something that will go on, for at least 30 years. 30 frikkin years man. And at the end, at the end of 30 years I'd be this boring makcik who'd make nasi lemak for living (I dont know. Maybe? But I wanna have my own restaurant by then i DONT KNOW), oh gosh now these thoughts are making my tummy upset.

That's my update on life. On the other note, I'm so gonna miss everyone. I'm not exaggerating one bit.

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