September 14, 2012

//96: 25

Yes, William effin' Beckett wished me a few days earlier before my birthday and I received one extra prints from my favorite drummer, The Butcher. A personal message from Mr. Beckett will be waiting for me in a few weeks' time (because I have such an awesome friend to help me with this ♥)
I turned 25 on Monday. I'll be working soon, like soon next week kind of soon. I've been living alone for a week since Monday which I havent been doing in years, and it sucks, so far. Which I'm coming to a conclusion that I cannot live alone. Ever. (Which is why, I need to work hard and get me and bros a place to live in peace)

It's not that I got depressed, it's just that everything seems to be... stagnant and slooooow. I hope things get better next week, inshaAllah. c:

This year birthday/birthweek wasn't as eventful as last year's but ohmygod did you see what did I get for this year? William Beckett & The Butcher. gsfdgfhjdgas. My 18 years old self would tell me to get the hell off because THIS won't happen, not in a million years, but it happened. So BOOYAH 18 y/o self! :P

I got to see Evie one last time too, that precious little kid. Easily my favorite kid on earth ♥
Y'know what, I thought I'd come up with uber cool, deep and meaningful post because hey I'm 25 now. But guess what I can't hahahaha, well I guess age is just a number after all. I'll take on my world soon, and I will rock it. As hard as I can. *Yay for optimism!*

So this will do for now.
I befriend so much people (in and out of Malaysia, in fact) for the past 3 months, thanks for the unemployment, social network and Beckett.


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