January 24, 2012


Malbec - Swimming for Tomorrow.
One of my boyfriends doing his thing. (Y)
Have you guys watched Relationship Status yet? A local flick directed by Khairil M. Bahar which tells about how the relationships made in the 21st century - obviously assimilates the social networks we have now, and at first I thought it would be solely on the relationship status bar on thee facebook but I was wrong.

The lines/scenes that got me were (something along the line lah ek, can't find the exact words)
It's different because, when I cheated on you, only three person know about it. Me, that dude and you. But you promote your infidelity publicly, and I have to find out from other people, and to be the last person to know? It's humiliating.
What's the point? I was getting better, whether you realize it or not, I was getting better!
...and it didn't occur to you that I might eventually see her again, digitally even? (on finding his ex on facebook and she had the nerves to friend requested him? Sigh.)

Not so much of a twist but suffice to say I've been through some of the scenes and it sucks. I cried like a million times over. Sigh.

But it's a good movie to watch, relatable, only available in TGV cinemas, and I think it's a limited release... so hurry!


Anonymous said...

this sounds rad?? a flick? nak :B

dalila. said...

go check it outtt. Kena cepat sbb limited and its in TGV only. Sunway Pyramid? :)