September 14, 2011

Kawan, Peneman tidur berkala. Pengejut tidur (berkala jugak). Peneman bila sedih. Peneman bila tengah perasan nak jadi kreatif. You will be missed Po. I mean, yeah i can visit but it won't be the same. Macam mana nak go on a day without you nanti once I'm in the Jungle. You're the only one that knows my story, that I can count on, and that won't judge. I love you.
Dan, budak ni macam tau tau je condition aku sekarang.

Thanks sbb bagi aku gelak hahahaha sengal gila. And point taken!
Had a great night with fav. girl. Fav girl, kalau awak terstumble upon my blog one day (and terbaca entry ni), I just want you to know you indirectly there through my worst times. Dari duuuuuulu during your xanga's and livejournal's time, sampai ke myspace, sampai la ni dah jadi mega superstar. I am proud of you. Your songs (and covers) may seem like simple love songs but they're not to me. They are much bigger than that, they triggers pain, sadness, and sometimes made me reflects on things. So thank you.

Lagu baru awak give me hope to hold on. Though saya cakap saya okay, saya rasa saya tak okay sangat. Still healing. Lagu pendek awak buat saya nangis malam tu, just like the night I decided to call things off. Lagu Coffee awak buat saya senyum, sampai sekarang.

Thank you Yunalis Zaraai, I love your work, and you, as a person.
I'mma be so happy that when people sees me they'd be happy too. InshaAllah. I CAN DO THIS!

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