September 12, 2011


So, I'm 24 no mwehehe feel so.. surreal being one, i guess? And! My birthday came in the form of super awesomeness - Everyone at work were cheering and wishing me every chances they got (...I've never gotten anyone except my family, to remember and be happy for me on my day, so it was something nice :)), some random conversation with a couple of strangers turns into budding friendships (I hope!), and my darling GL-1 which i haven't got the time to play yet.
Last night, was surreal too! I know my birthday is so last two days, but I'm celebrating it all week, just because I can! (and to make up for previous bad birthdays). Liyana Fizi thinks I'm a pretty girl (ehe vain! ehehe) AND my favorite FAVORITE songbird, Zee Avi thinks my name is lovely and she likes my ipod case. Nyehehehs. Safe to say, I'm smitten =) They both, and my awesome friend (and a new friend I made last night) made my night. You don't know how much. Thanks guys!
I met Zee in 2008 when she was the Kokokaina, and was telling her how i love her music and would love to have her album. She humbly responded with "Takdelah, mana ada album, main suka suka je ni, would you buy one if I have one?", then obviously I said yes! :) We took a picture together and the picture was somehow... lost. :(, SO it was so nice seeing her at the launch! And telling her how i love her Ghostbird. (YOU SHOULD GET IT BECAUSE IT IS SO DREAMY). She's one humble person. Tak forget her root pun, easily my favorite person. Zee, stay you okay?
Gonna take one at a time to day and plan my day. And off to see my fav. girl tonight. Weehoo =D
Dear self,
I love you for getting your way around to get me the GL-1.
Love you lots!

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