August 27, 2010

He he he. Fangirl post ahead.

Today's after sahur was interesting. I was killing time waiting for Subuh (I know I should do something more productive, this killing time with internet is not good during Ramadhan, yes - that aside), I saw (if you don't know already, i am IN LOVE with this guy) Bruno Mars tweeted about him being live on his website, talking and answering questions. So, being me, I got excited. The time taken on reloadings and tried to by-pass the proxy were longer than the session itself, suffice to say, I only saw him (+ he talks, a bit) for merely 5 seconds. He looks awe.some /fangirl.
He he.
Anyways, a few days back something nice happened. I was having a difficult time lately and I talked to my Creator that if He's there for me, I hope He'll talked back. It was that soon. I feel so loved :"), it's not everyday you get a special call like that (if you know what I mean), what more it was in Ramadhan, a very holy month for all of us.

Well, so-orry for getting all sappy about this, but I never felt that way before. Ever. Alhamdulillah.
Other news, let's see... Oh, y'know, Paramore? The-only-band-I-listen-from-the-beginning-till-now-because-they-are-just-THAT-awesome-band? THEY'RE COMING HERE. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?! (ALL CAPS SHOWS MY EXCITEMENT). So I have to say bye-bye to the Album Leaf just to make way for this one. Hee hee hee. Now, the only problem is, I have to make do with all the time I have left due to its being on 19th October, on a weekday, on Tuesday to be exact. I have too many classes on that day, and to travel to KL before 8? Hmmmm. I hope I'll find a decent way, soon. Anyone from Tronoh who wants to go, lets meet up and we can skip our class for the next day happily, y/y? :D
I havent been writing this what-I-eat-for-lunch-post in awhile. And I havent been writing much on my music addiction ngehehe. So there goes!

Okay, I should sleep now.
(Edit) Eh KEJAP!:
My reaction, exactly. Mwehehe, now I can sleep in peace. Bye!

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