August 25, 2010

Last Weekend

Last weekend, after the horrible test I decided to go home. The mIRCkids decided to have a small get together for iftar as well, so I thought might as well jump in and say Hi. I havent met these people in a very long while. In eons. Especially Kijat and Naza. Remember the story about my used to-be sahur days? These are the kids, most of them anyways. We used to be in large numbers but people move on, we outgrew each other, they come and go... and that's what always happen (but we somehow we'd click right away whenever we see each other). The day ended unexpectedly sweet. Here, an 8 years worth of friendship. Mana nak dapat nowadays, you tell me?
credit: Azam, Kijat.

I couldn't make it to fav girl's album launch (yet again =.="), so decided to buy the album as soon as I could because I wanted my CD signed. But luck wasn't on my side, only made it on the 2nd batch and she was already flying off to London at that time, so yeah. :( My CD feels so naked. I love, every bit of the songs, no kidding. I'm not being biased, but learning this girl from her earliest music stage, I can say she has evolved. I almost wish that I can have separate section (more so like B-sides(?)) dedicated to the music alone. This was all made possible by my dear friend, Maggie Starr in helping me get a hold of this fast-selling record. (Gila promote ayat hahahaha, no really.)

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