July 16, 2010


It's 3 already and I have yet to decide to fast or not today (technically, it's already Friday- ), fiddled around with this software that has been ages pre-installed in Jagger [1] - which I miraculously found out how to finally fully utilize it (still learning tho-), results are out but I haven't got the chance to see mine yet due to minor difficulties - I have to call up finance tomorrow and find out what's up with my result and why it can't be released yet like everyone else because I settled all the fees before the final examinations. Oh, panjang berjelanya introduction... So here it is, tak tahulah kenapa lately kalau nak poyo-poyo record something mesti I'll save it as [insertrandomfoodnamehere].mp3. -.- I guess me and food can't be separated at all.


Tak sedap pun ye, tapi saja bosan sebab penat menunggu last-last tak jadi apa. Memang saja bagi suspens lebih :( Haih, macam mana lah agaknya result yang ini, serious takut gila sebab semester yang ini macam penentu segala-gala lah, I've mentioned in a post few while back and I can have ridiculous anxiety attacks just because of this. Seriously, I think, aku memang takut nak deal dengan orang-orang atasan, bukan takut saja saja ye, memang fobia gila - aku pernah kena panic attack due to one assignment that needed me to do an interview and the only person I can think of at that moment was my friend's dad which is also some CEO in Utusan. Egh, disturbing pulak bila fikir balik. So kalau result aku teruk, I don't know how to impress them with just my CV. Gila tak. Dulu masa buat intern dekat this big ass company [2] in KL, pun agak menakutkan masa kena interview, aku tak tahu macam mana they decided to attach me to the company. Maybe sebab aku je yang rajin buat follow up kot? [3]

I think I should get some sleep and maybe bangun for sahur, maybe.

[1] Totally derived from Ke$ha's TikTok yang ada part Mick Jagger tapi aku tukar sikit jadi Mac Jagger ha ha.
[2] Kerja dia senang je pun, takut je lebih. Company multinational, tapi aku rasa dekat Malaysia yang paling kecik and paling banyak deal dengan other countries, so not fair man. Server down sikit, kita kena. Tapi paling relax bila server down sebab bukan line aku hahah.
[3]Memang ikut betul Interviews for Dummies. Aku memang sore loser sikit bab-bab ni, dan skema yang amat.

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