May 20, 2010

Stumbl #1: Rizza Cabrera

I'm gonna make a series of cool people I met on the internet (being an avid stalker that I am - yep) and it'll be under the Stumbl tag - just coz I want it like that. It'll be much more awesome if you could drop me a few recommendations cause I feel so out of touch of what's what.


Found about this awesome lil missy here from a friend. From what I know, she's a Filipino and taking architecture and still have time pen down some mellowed down guitar numbers. And she's.. well, I wish I knew what her age is, but I bet she's younger than me... that makes her double awesome. (OK, I love sayin' awesome, OK?)

I think all Filipinos have creative blood inherited from their ancestors or something, no kid. Not to mention pretty too, sigh. Rizza is also well-known for her covers duet with her model sister, Raleene.

I dig all of her covers.

This is her latest cover, if I'm not mistaken. Regina Spektor - Us' cover.
Take a listen:

Get more of her:

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