May 26, 2010

End of Year 1

One year ago today, I wouldn't have dream about continuing my degree. I just finished my practical training and was waiting for my diploma to end(oh, and that reminds me of something important)

Huge fight commenced somewhere around this time a year ago that breaks my heart but it has brought me peace now. Alhamdulillah. You know what's cool when you get something unexpected from your effort? It is just... indescribable. At first I was certain I wasn't belong here, but the longer I stay the more things seem fitting with me, and everything, which is... again, indescribable. I'm like in this small small world of its own, that amazes me more often than not. I love being here.

The people here is just amazing. You won't find this type of people in the real world (well, I guess, my kind of real world) and yeah, I envy them. I envy every single thing about them - their innocence, their faith, their intelligence. Every single thing. MashaAllah. It gave me a new hope to move forward, that I deserve to get what I want. InshaAllah.

Year 1 for me is indescribable in a good way.

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