May 19, 2010

Rant Series: Things that equivalent to stupidity

Sometimes I think I made this blog just to rant. Lol, I'm not that negative upfront but a girl gotta rant when she's gotta rant, yeah? (K, totally made that up - moving on!) SO:
  • I don't get it how you can afford to have your own food stall and cannot afford to give out small change and have the cheek to ask your customer (RUDELY) to get his/her own small changes.
  • How, insensitive and busy body can you get to your customer? When I don't want to answer your stupid irrelevant questions it just means this: I just don't wanna have any communication whatsoever with you. Thanks. (Really,because the food stall owner just ruined my mood and you there, without thinking have the cheek to ask me this "Mesti abang tu suruh tukar duit kan? Adik takde duit kecik lagi ke? Besarnye duit?") Dude, I do what I want with MY money, OK?
  • And this Paki stall I swore to boycott not so long ago just proved me right. That they don't deserve my money AT ALL. Too bad there's small variations as to where I can get my food. The heck. Stupid immigrants. (They're not Pakistanis I presume, they look and talk like a Bangaldeshi - I'm pissed so, hope none of you all 'immigrants' offended - if any)
  • I just couldn't wait to get my feet on my hometown dirt. Seriously, exams? Pfft.
p/s: The ONLY nice thing that happen at the end of the day is finding RM 1.50 Kickapoo Joy Juice in a glass bottle. Yep, glass bottle up there. I feel so vintage (-LOL, but yeah really)

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