February 16, 2012


Isn't it weird that I'm starting to feel like I'm the weirdest out of the bunch. The whole point of starting (this) over was to find, my inner self la kononnya. But I feel like I'm getting weirder to understand, and to keep track of things that I feel, sense, see. Whatever.
School has been fun, if not hectic. Thursday will always be the most hectic day out of the week but I enjoyed every moment of it nonetheless. I was late for my 3 PM class because I had impromptu meeting earlier on, and being me, I mean - the old me, I'd become so anal about it - it might just ruin my day, but to my surprise, I love catching up with myself. (and somewhat being fashionably late hihu).
Have you ever met someone that you find interesting and at the end of the day you find yourself googling about this person just to know more - or to make sure of things, not in a stalker kind of way (uhm which I know this statement contradicts the former, again, whatevs)?
Abah wants me home. But I don't want to go baaaaaaaaaack. :/


shishi the great said...

I've googled so many names before, and I've found so many things. I'm a pro-stalker, dalila. trust me.

shishi the great said...

dalila, have you ever tried googling yourself? hahahahaha! I have! ^_^ nothing much, really... but I did find this like, online short novel blog thingie and they put shira as the heroine and shah as the hero so it was hilarious la to read my name and have someone monolog about my novel life.

dalila. said...

yeah i have, aside from having harmless (littlest) vanity intention mwahaha. I found out that I'm a singer... and also a feminist lesbian activist.

Idk man, i really dont know. But I do find them interesting, both dalilas. LOL.