November 25, 2011

//13: My pocket-sized storyteller.

I had one crazy night last week. Everything was not in order and I had no proper plan at all. But I know I have to see my little storyteller, I have to - I decided to just, Go. The last time she was in town (March,2010) I was gluing myself up and though I love her music so much, that night was horrible for me. My heart wasn't at the right place.

I had my Vox back then. I wrote so much, so much so that it kinda hurts to look back.

But, this time around, I feel her through Concrete Wall, I sang along happily to Just You and Me. It shows kan? How a year can do to you? Like how this time around, I carry my heart with me, and my head too and it was nice... enjoying her chill music all night. I haven't done that in a while, what's more it was with people who appreciates.

It is not just a show. That show is kinda a milestone for me, and I thank you Zee, for making it happen. Zee Avi was perfect that night, she was fun, quirky, appreciative and her songs were mesmerizing. I love how she puts her heart into it (...and how cute her double bass player too ;) ). Love was in the air from where I was standing, though things are so much different now, I am okay with being surrounded by things like that.

I was happy. I am, happy. :)

Tok kelak akan pergi, sik lamak lagik
- Storyteller, 2011.

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