October 22, 2011

This, happened.

Like three years ago, man.

(Anonymous) on June 10th, 2008 05:34 am (local)
hey hey
i do remember you!
i think you're in my lj list also right, just that i dont really update lj no more.. =(
thanks for commenting on my blogspot! hee. i actually sengih sengih baca this entry. aw thanks dalila. but i was quite kelam kabut that night, i had a few setbacks that day so mcm tak feel sgt masa perform tu i wish i couldve done soooo much better. frust sbb i was looking forward for that show sgt sgt.

but the night was amazing nonetheless, i had fun meeting you guys. the only thing is that i wasnt getting the right vibe from one of the people there.. but i wont tell whoooo.... =D

but you gave positive energy that night I LOVE YOU!


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shishi the great said...

dalilaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa you're like, homies with yuna now
if you ever write a song, you should totally show it to her! i'm sure she'll give you this one on one advice on how to write music and shit